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  1. do ya think you could zip up your successfull P drive and upload it? I was going fine with my setup till I got to the object adding stage, now manually changed 1 or 2 p3ds to be the correct version for the stock bulldozer, but now after using arma2P its all up the duff
  2. dougboy101

    Need help understanding Textures

    if your using a map less than a 4k heightmap, there is a config setting to assign the outer terrain, similar to the outside of takistan, it still has hills etc for a while, and a flat texture as opposed to the garish ones that occur here is the code from takistan "I think" { class Sea { name = "$STR_DN_SEA"; sound[] = {"\ca\Sounds_E\sfx\lake_1",0.01,1}; soundNight[] = {"\ca\Sounds_E\sfx\lake_3",0.177828,1}; volume = "sea"; }; }; class OutsideTerrain { satellite = "ca\takistan\data\s_satout_co.paa"; enableTerrainSynth = 1; class Layers { class Layer0 { nopx = "ca\takistan\data\tk_polopoust_nopx.paa"; texture = "ca\takistan\data\tk_polopoust_co.paa"; }; }; };
  3. dougboy101

    maps under construction:

    Love the video, im sure alot of people have thought of using news footage but that clip is pretty well done
  4. dougboy101

    L3DT to V3

    if your using l3dt, to make life easier, just export as xyz.
  5. dougboy101

    Need help understanding Textures

    http://sites.google.com/site/bushlurker/Resources download his source materials. that will help you immensely. Alternatively, you can download my map and unpbo/derapify the configs. http://www.qdrive.net/folder/m103828/0af25...05e6fefed28f5af
  6. i got 12gig ram, i could definitely try, but yeah saving the 24k bmp to png take 15mins
  7. dougboy101

    Road Smoothing help

    thanks old bear, looks like im going to have to manually edit vertices, probably quicker anyway!. Can you also explain to me how the different road smoothing options work and what the variables mean? i cant find a decent tut that explains all the options.
  8. Ive now got to the stage where im attempting my first set of roadsmoothing scripts with my map, and it looks like i need advice on how long to let the thing run.. Specifcally im starting with my runway. Ive tried creating a small runway, one piece with terminators, and used the absolute height script, (495Meters) on it as some suggestions are to use multiple small pieces to smooth it out at 3-5mins a pop. for those 3 pieces, it didnt finish in one hour, on a core I7 at 4ghz, WTF is going wrong? my heightmap is a 409X4096 so could this slow things down, at this rate i may leave my map running for a month once all the real roads are taken into consideration!
  9. Bit of a "bump" im using 24K textures no worries, 711meg Sat PNG The limit is not far from there, Could it be as simple as 1gig PNGs are the limit?
  10. dougboy101

    New to map making

    L3DT its easy as. basic sand texture, then rocks on slops for hills etc, the odd gravel if you use a water map
  11. dougboy101

    New to map making

    Sat image is you nice big long distance image, eg in chopper with 10k view distance. the tex mask (attributes map in L3dt) is a basic colour map where each colour is a texture on the ground, the view distance for textures is only 100-200m (I think) therefor you need a sat image (texture map in l3dt) to fill out the horizon. for learning I suggest you create your own climate and materials in L3DT, the climate is a mathmatical set of rules for creating your attributes map based on heights and water levels. I did this with a lot of trial and error, to get snowy mountain tops and lush valleys. ensure that the colour of the textures assigned to your attributes map colours is similar to the sat texture. snowy white mountains with green grass up close doesnt work that well!
  12. dougboy101

    New to map making

    Agreed with Tupolevs comments about map size. for a starter terrain definitely go smaller, and use as a practice to get your head around conifgs, road placements etc. I did the opposite in grandoise fashion, and am making a "near Future" map based on real world terrain, that way i can have creative license to fill the map as i see fit. mine is 60X60km, i started in november, and have only just tweaked the satmap from l3dt to my liking. Whatever you do, draw roads on your layers mask. then use roadpainter to draw roads over them. this removes the annoying dissapearing roads that isla duala and a few other islands have.
  13. dougboy101

    New to map making

    for creating a fantasy sat image, buy L3DT
  14. dougboy101

    AI vs Clutter

    Ill be keeping an eye on this thread as I am making a Bamian map along similar lines for vegetation. I think getting custom Low poly/quality Vegetation may help immensely as the Millions of polys per second the game can render grows quite exponentially with vegetation.
  15. dougboy101

    Bamian Map

    im planning on having very thinly spaced vegetation (similar to your stripes), and clutter to back that up. This is a learning curve for me, thanks for the advice, the map is silky smooth currently, im trying to finish all the crop fields, (inlcuding opium) before starting on the object placements, (which will require some custom objects) Also note that as im in the army i MAY be able to use visitor 4 if I break the limits of visitor 3.