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  1. Same issue (low quality textures and UI flicker) present on Windows 8 Release Preview with 8GB ram, Radeon 7850 and Intel C2Q 9505
  2. It was mostly related to OP wanting beta access for pre-orders. Which i find entirely silly (unless we talk glorified demos, renamed betas that so many companies seem to do nowadays.)
  3. I never understood why limiting the amount of beta testers was a good idea.
  4. dotted

    No DX11?

    OpenGL isn't "faster" it's just an API. As for tesselation, it has been available for a lot longer than that (today it has been removed) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TruForm
  5. dotted


    Windows version uses Havok, not PhysX. Also why limit yourself to 8 cores when you have 300+ on the GPU?
  6. dotted

    CUDA support or at least CPU optimization

    No thanks, OpenCL or DirectCompute would be a way better option than CUDA
  7. dotted


    OFP and ARMA(2) already does this Doubt it this is PhysX
  8. dotted


    I think the main thing is that Bullet GPU support isn't as mature as PhysX is.
  9. dotted


  10. dotted


    I guess you misunderstood, 2.xx has hardware acceleration.
  11. dotted


    Bullet isn't AMD as PhysX is nVidia, but they did hire they guy which was my point. And Bullet already has hardware acceleration, so your statement isn't true.
  12. dotted


    They aren't entirely all talk: http://bulletphysics.org
  13. One of the reasons i bought it on steam was not having to deal with patches. And i must say i find it surprising if patches cant be released as binary diffs on Steam.
  14. dotted

    Which Internet Browser Do You Use?

    You are kidding right? Analytics Has nothing to do with AdSense. Read up instead of doing uninformed decisions. The only one you are hurting is not Google but BIS in this case. Funny your nick is quite fitting.