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  1. Quote[/b] ]Not working, da_opf_man.


    Transfer przekroczony

    Transfer limit exceeded?

    yes Transfer przekroczony-means that transfer limit is exceeded

    but for me the pics are working i see them maybe something is wrong with your cpu i don't now sad_o.gif

    But maybe i need to change my host do you ppl now some good free hosting service?rock.gif?rock.gif?rock.gif?rock.gif??

  2. Quote[/b] ]Do you know how many Asad Babyl were in Iraqis army compared to bought ones?

    As far as I know, the Iraqis only bought 50 examples of the T-72 from Russia. According to the import list I have, these are simply listed as T-72 (though commonly taken to be T-72M1, these are quite likely just the basic version [no T-72M1 series armour expansion], since all the info I have shows they have the development era 125mm gun).

    Given that Iraq supposedly had about 700 all told, nearly all of them would be Asad Babyl.

    Quote[/b] ]finally i found some infos about BM-44

    Are you sure you're looking at projectile stats? BM-44 is the entire assembly (including propellant). . . the BM-44 assembly uses the BM-42 projectile, and that's not the newest round. . . the BM-42M is, and it is capable of at least 100mm more than that at 2000m.

    Well i know  about similaritys of BM-42 and BM-44. The BM-44 was built for the T-64,-70,-80,-90 tanks family so it must had used some solution from BM-42 because its qualified by the size of the auto-loader in those tanks. And also i sad that the performance of that ammo is higly depends of witch barrel  is it fired so in the newest t-90 with 2A46M-4 barrel this ammo could have 600\2000meters penetration as you say Przezdzieblo.  

    And about the t-72 of Iraq it is formaly now that the Iraq imported a lot t-72 from Warsaw pact countries because ther  industry was charged with other projects so thats way they imported so much tanks.

    And one more thing Sigma in the new tank pack for RHS what ammo is going to be the killer of tanks are you going to this role apply 9M119M??because now in yours t-90 t-80 packs this ATGM has to littel "fire power"rock.gif

  3. Quote[/b] ]da_ofp_man, any info about BM44? Lenght, diameter? I know only that it penetrate more than 500 mm RHA at 2000 meters... how much more?

    If not much more, it is rather opositor for M829A1, not for round M829E3 - hit=instant death in Sigmas addon - and even not for M829A3 - ~650mm/2000m.

    finally i found some infos about BM-44

    weight 7,05kg

    weight of root 4,85kg

    escape velocity 1700 (m/s)

    max pressure in barrel 490 (MPa)

    and the penetration at 2000 meters is 540 mm RHA and it depends on the barre that is fired from in the newest variants of RAPIRA the penetration is bigger.And i think that this newest Russian ammo could fit better to new Sigmas Russian tanks.

  4. Well the raports say that was 3 AT mines put one on the other or something like Palestynian FUGAS that killed the M1

    BTW Sigma in the pack of your new tanks the Abrams has an M829E3 and the Russian tanks as the best ammo use the BM-32 and BM-42.So why you can't do the same thing as in Abrams give the T-80,-90 the new Russian ammo wich is now in the testing stage BM-44 rock.gif Could you do this because this would be a very god opositor for the M829E3.