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  1. da_ofp_man


    Good work on the Kamaz pack Szumek Now we have more good trucks for east. OO Gemenis will maybe release something well there is nothing but waiting that we can do.
  2. da_ofp_man

    RKSL Camo Nets V1.0R Escapes

    Thx for the addon RKSL team. Those camo netts will be very useful in ofp
  3. da_ofp_man

    Scars' Leopard II A6 BETA 1

    WoW model and textures are great. Just those crappy old BIS sounds must be replace and other littell bugs and evrything will be just fine
  4. Hurray!!!! for replacing those weapons on old rangers I'm waiting long time. And now I see that the hole rangers addon will be updated cool Keep up the good work Laser.
  5. da_ofp_man

    COMBAT! HEMMT Pack Public Beta

    WOW those trucks are looking great thx Combat! team
  6. da_ofp_man


    But his soldiers, Honker and Star already have GREAT textures. ... Why he doesnt realese it? What the hell he is waiting for? Â Â Well Gemenis is part of the OM team and they have some kind of release politics that they stick to it I think.
  7. Yep thats wery good work Laser those Delta-s are better then the units made by BAS as for me. Keep up the good work.
  8. da_ofp_man

    Polish security force arrested in Sweden

    Yea "Rutkowski's Agency" can work on every place on earth with permission or not ----------------------------------------------- czy nie kojarzy to sie z sprawa w Czechach
  9. da_ofp_man


    Well i think the answer is that He is good modeller but He can't do wery well textures for addons. Because Gemenis many times told that on our forum.So He needs time for making them or a good texturer to work with Him.
  10. da_ofp_man


    Yeey those trucks are cool,very good work i tylko tak dalej
  11. da_ofp_man

    UEFA Euro 2004

    Somebody got a link to webcameras to see what is going on at the streets of Athen
  12. da_ofp_man

    UEFA Euro 2004

    WOW WOW WOW!!! GREECE won!!!
  13. da_ofp_man

    Combat! M113 Pack by Pablo

    WoW great job on this finally we have a real m113 in ofp thx!
  14. da_ofp_man

    F100 Super Sabre (nam era)

    Just downloaded it from ofpbase.Now I'm going to test it
  15. da_ofp_man

    Bell 412 Griffon released

    The chopper is realy cool I got one question to you Powerslide are you going to do a FFAR version in future updates??