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  1. to clearify a bit the model shown at flashpoint.ru is made by mel_faro and was given to bothe RHS and to Dusty. The one on the pics is textured by him.

    That clears the situation bright here.

    One more thing Dusty's BTR looks totaly finished but he just shown the vehicle and dissapired anyone have contact with him to tell him that he could release this fine looking BTR-152.

  2. What the heck??  crazy_o.gif

    Quote[/b] ]WG AddPak 4.00 has not been totally installed because of the following reason:

    This file contains invalid data.

    You will have to run this utility again to completley install WG AddPak 4.00.

    I didynt have the older WG packs on my cpu just installed the  hole new pack and it comes something like this whats the problem? what invalid data? sad_o.gif