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  1. Hmmmmm OFP CWC didnt have JIP - and if I remember correctly there was a long debate over the pro's and con's of itwhen ARMA was announced - now maybe I haven't seen every second of footage of CM OFP;DR nor all the promo stuff for Arma II - but from what I have seen they both have pro's and con's and OFP:DR does look good ...does excite me - is it the game to end all games??? Prolly not .... but still looks like a damn good game!
  2. daithi

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    My 2c.... The CM OFP II hardcore demo looks OK to me.... I'm a huge OFP fan that was seriously let down by ARMA. I played,I waited for the patch, I patched, I played, I waited and patched.... and so on.... in the end I just lost the will to continue so gave up. I didn't buy ARMA II because of my experience of Arma I(although have played it), I do think that I will buy DR my thinking is that "it HAS to be better than ARMA v1.0" - if it isn't well then I'm gonna be down €30, paid a heck of a lot more for the Arma SE. I do think that CM have made the Hardcore video to appeal to fans of OFP, probably not to the guys that will stick to Arma I & II no matter what. BIS have had 2 bites at the cherry and have failed to deliver
  3. daithi

    Do you want a new community manager?

    I voted yes. Simply because at this time of great change we need someone that we can direct our questions at. Placebo wasn't just head mod here he was the PR Manager at BIS .. and thats the role that needs to be filled. I don't know but Im assuming (never a good thing) but are the mods here just long time fans like the rest of us or do they have some inside track on whats going on at BIS (I doubt this) What is badly missed is someone from BIS talking to us, even if its a "it'll be done when its done" response.
  4. daithi


    I am a member of the Irish Rangers I know SOBR and I have got my copy. He is a decent person and I know of at least 20 other guys that have received their copies from buyarama. In fact we are meeting this weekend in Oslo. As for your problems, Im sure that SOBR will honour your request, or supply you with a refund edit: typo
  5. daithi

    Are the bot's hacking?

    You can change the name of your computer rather easily Goto Control Panel Then Goto System Then Click on Computer Name Then Click on the Change Buttom Reboot ... and voila done [edit] This will mess up any shares you have on this machine ... oh and any SQL databases ... and probably a few more things ...but it CAN be done [end of edit]
  6. daithi

    Goodbye Placebo

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye Not a huge poster here, but loved looking at those locked topics!!! Kept me entertained for hours !!! Best of luck in the future, and I hope you and your family have a great 2007 and beyond ! Slán Daithi
  7. daithi


    No idea what standstrokefist does .... but Im signing up for zombies !!!
  8. I think I love you SickBoy !!!
  9. daithi

    Armed Assault..

    I've had the game almost a week now and I have to say Yes to the poll, Arma is worth it. Yes there are bugs.. but the gameplay is excellent. To my mind the bugs can be fixed but if the "core" gameplay is not there that is a much harder thing to fix. I have no experience of OFP 1.0 so I can't compare. However Arma is better than OFP Resistance. I, for one, am looking forward to playing this game for the next X number of years.
  10. daithi


    Here are my results on the second test My system ..... P4 3.4 2.5 Gb of RAM GeForce 6800 256mb
  11. daithi

    Eastereggs in ARMA

    Now we know how the reindeers fly !!!!
  12. daithi

    ArmA reviews

    its not bad a bad review for a game that went from an idea to birth in 18 months. This review really bothers me..... Should I have waited for 3-4 months before ordering, so that Armed Assault v1.1 was released? Will there be patches, will there be the same support that was there for OFP?
  13. daithi

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    A metal box .... something that is different to the run of the mill DVD case. A map ..I like the Czech version .. I want that I've heard the sound track ... I want that too Something to put on top of computer screen ... an Arma round mounted ... a perspex orinment with the BIS/Arma logo ... something to touch and hold ... to love even ! A shirt would be nice .... a one size fits all (for all us fat b*stards out there) Oh and next weeks lottery numbers would be even better !!!! But most of all I want the game ... and I want it now !!
  14. daithi

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Life is a risk But I have put mu money where my mouth is and Im looking forward to getting my copy soon