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  1. doc_no1

    boat chase

    Put the enemy in a RHIB boat etc like what i said,they should fire on you.
  2. doc_no1

    boat chase

    Use an empty RHIB boat put your men in this instead of russian PBX and then machinegunner will shoot the other guy in boat?.Call the RHIB boat and in your leaders init put this and your squad will be inside it at start,GRP1 being the leaders name. GRP1 = Group this; {_x moveincargo boat} ForEach units group this;
  3. From my webpage you can download zip which includes a lil arty mission trial call in the strike with radio readme inside zip,you can copy and paste the sqs etc and put it into your own mission,really for people who cant be bothered with to much editing or learning stuff,stand by for the Boom!!Zoom out of map and youll see the GRAD launcher near the railway at chernarus station.I edited this from a zip i got here a while ago,thank you to whosever it was i lost the name.Saves learning the modules.
  4. doc_no1

    A way to remove profanity II

    I agree there should be an option to turn it off,a lot of us here were in the forces and swearing was very common amongst soldiers,but surely an option to turn off in a game would be good.
  5. Maybe joan uses a x-box type controller,,,hence the buttons?.Just a thought.;)
  6. Aye a ken{i know},,,lol you would here me a mile away laddie!! I would love to hear real mil radio ingame.
  7. Why dont you slide the fuel down on the setting of the harrier instead of scripting.
  8. 1.3 will be released when its ready,,omg im sounding like placebo,,lol.
  9. doc_no1

    Need a MG to stay put.

    Run a getinnearest waypoint from the soldier put the waypoint over the nest,he will go in and stay till death.
  10. You dont have to give the heli a name or put it in the waypoint,,just put this in the init line of the chopper this flyinheight 100 or whatever height you want.It will stay at this height all the time.
  11. I'ts a known bug which will be fixed in next patch.
  12. doc_no1

    Metaboli to DVD = NoCD

    Hi Thrott,i have uk dvd also,you do need the dvd in drawer to play the uk dvd version,when you uninstalled the metaboli did you do a full pc check to remove all arma2 files and folders?,only thing i can think of is you left a folder somewhere from metaboli and then installed uk one and it's confusing it,you could unistall the lot and remove all arma2 files,sorry it's all i can think of m8,good luck man.
  13. doc_no1

    Key bind file

    My documents/arma2/arma2profile file.
  14. doc_no1

    Arma 2 for consoles

    Ps3 has a keyboard you can purchase from amazon etc,.
  15. doc_no1

    Some genuine patch 1.03 information

    Under no circumstances offer Placebo beer,Maruk will back me up here,the police are busy enough as it is.....lmao.