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  1. drow

    Unsung - updates

    i will give the vietnam addons i have on disc to anyone who wants them if it is confirmed that the unsugn is dead, it looks that way but i am not sure, maybe they have been working on the addons... i just think its sad to see nothing has come of them, i worked on them for a very long time and would like to see them out there being played i made vietcong/nva and marines that were 75 percent done at least to look at they were very close to being done. is anything happening with the unsung? if not i will donate these to any vietnam mod that will finish them.
  2. Hello! I dont see that anything has happened to the unsugn since i left, so i am asking now if nothing is to be done further let me know!!! because i worked on the addons we had under our belt for over a year, i will gladly give them to other nam mods if they will finish them. i see the unsugn doesnt even have a forum anymore so i dont see how it could possibly be progressing please someone fill me in
  3. im putting all my energy and time into music now sorry fellas, i doubt i'll come back, ive been gone for a long time already, i didnt say goodbye for 3 months after leaving because i thought i might come back some day and ive seen so many people say good bye to yall then come back... i might come back to say hi but i cant drain hundreds of hours of my artistic talent and creativity into this anymore. Take care fellas
  4. well folks, for those who dont know me, im Drow - founder of The Unsung Vietnam War Mod. well ive decided to leave this ofp'ing behind me for now, im re-focusing on my previous artistic goals. Well known island maker CJ525 will be leading The Unsung mod now. Lets all wish them the best of luck and if you can lend a hand they would really appreciate it. Good Luck Guys! Â and good bye ofp community Drow
  5. drow

    Unsung - updates

    dudes... i made smoke grenade textures 6 months ago, theyre on that last screenshot. ive made those same textures basically, in red and yellow If people dont help this mod it will fold up, sad as it is, its true, and ive invested years into learning about vietnam and building the mod, image, story, site, forum etc... i just cant work on this shit 8 days a week anymore to make it work, i have only so much free time. I learned to make addons in like a month or two, i made most of our soldiers as a total novice,,, people you can learn and help, its not impossible. (and minorthreat, the soldiers are the one thing i might have time to finish ((the visual details on anyways)), i dont want anyone to wreck them to talk to me about any changes you want to do)
  6. drow

    Star wars Join jOin JOin

    i think all the starwars games that have been done are better than what could be done in ofp anyways, pointless in my opinion but good luck.
  7. drow

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    my thoughts exactly, rest in peace.
  8. drow

    modellers ahoy!

    why dont u team up with the pacific mod?
  9. drow

    Unsung - updates

    Its not like one person makes all our stuff, each person has their own strengths. When you add them up you get a great product.
  10. drow

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Addons: Unsung Units - East (Vietcong), Unsung Units - West (Marines), Unsung Weapons Pack1, Unsung Village Pack, ICorps Island, Unsung NamSky
  11. sounds like the unsung demo eh i guess thats my idea of a new experience in ofp... not just soldiers and guns
  12. i think if u just make soldiers like everyone wants they will play with them in the editor for ten minutes when you release them if u make vegetation or buildings your mod will get much more play. my opinion. (edit: as mods we're trying to change the game here no? make a new game... well i think if its a pacific mod, a pacific island is needed to make people think theyre in the pacific, and i would like to see some original content go into it...
  13. drow

    Addon cd from ebay

    who really cares? be flattered that he chose your addons, this guy is obviously a moron anyways to do this in the first place, why kick up such a big fuss about it... think BIS even cares? didnt they use all our community's best addons in VBS (i heard that they did use BAS addons etc. - tho they may have paid some of BAS members who knows...), ...and sell them for shitloads of money? how come noone was bitching at them? because we agreed before using o2 that anything we make in o2 is property of BIS? wasnt that the deal??? anyways I think this guy is probably just an idiot, not a businessman.
  14. drow

    Addon cd from ebay

    how muc was it in dollars? im canadian :P and 3 pounds or whatever it cost u cant be much, you know how much BIS would have to pay for a lawyer to bitch at that guy,,, lots more, thats why they try to scare us all into not selling stuff. You think you could really make enuff money selling addons that BIS would bother coming to get u... i doubt it. Most people on ebay probably dont even know what OFP is anyways lol