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  1. dusand

    RHS Releases: T80 MBT Pack v.1

    OFP.info mirror 1 OFP.info mirror 2
  2. dusand


    You're right. Many people were disappointed of high number of the required addons. They were looking forward to Bahadur but they didn't download it because that huge list of required things. Sinai 1.4 did a good job attaching the addons into the rar archive.
  3. dusand


    I wanted to mirror it on our FTP, but it is there, yet  . So, I guess I just post a news about it. The pics look good. Nice work.  EDIT: Damn, cervo has alredy posted it.
  4. dusand

    Handsignals Command System Released!

    well, I think aborting the animation would be against the basic principal of this thing - realism. Â Not exactly... Is it real to get shoot by someone, just because you had to wait till the anim ends? Aborting the anim not necessarily has to equal giving the order just like with the full anim played. You`re probably talking about it and yes... It would be lamish... I`m talking about some accidents when you just have to do something which is simply blocked by the played anim... so, aborted anim = aborted order sounds better? Â that sounds better . I see what you mean.
  5. dusand

    Handsignals Command System Released!

    well, I think aborting the animation would be against the basic principal of this thing - realism.
  6. dusand

    Handsignals Command System Released!

    this sounds gorgeous! I am going to test it. I uploaded it to our FTP. core addon @ demo mission (mirror #1) core addon @ demo mission (mirror #2) sounds (mirror #1) sounds (mirror #2)
  7. dusand

    New preview

    I don't know but it is NOT sure that Codemasters will NOT release BIS' OFP sequel. Anything can happen...
  8. My friend admix would like to know if it is possible to edit an original animation, so cornercamping could be eliminated. He would like to move a weapon into the arm a bit. It is an old Flashpoint bug that a weapon doesn't sit on the arm, but on the elbow. admix and other MP players are fed up of players that started cornercamping, so they want to stop them doing that. Any help is appreciated.
  9. dusand

    How often do you (still) play OFP

    You play OFP 2? Just joking. I almost don't play OFP. Only rare.
  10. dusand

    Czech words in Visitor2

    Glad to see that you´re open minded. But it looks like you might need some help with your english spelling too  I tried the program without problems. Actually the words are quite self explanatory, the similarities between the indo european languages makes it possible to get a vague sense of their meaning. Combine this with a little trial-and-error and you´ll get started in no time. I agree with you, nominesine.  I think it is not so hard to learn some Czech words. And if you are not capable of doing that, then you can stick their meanings on a piece of paper to your monitor. If you want, you can solve the problem.  If you don't want,... Â
  11. dusand

    Optica Observation Plane

    Mirrors also at OFP.info. Â ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/unofaddons2/CSJoptica.zip ftp://www.gamezone.cz/ofpd/unofaddons2/CSJoptica.zip
  12. dusand

    Predator Spyplane

    Doesn't FDF Mod have that Ranger UAV which works like that... I am not sure but I think they does. @barnEbiss: when you have some buldozer/oxygen pictures of your model, we can post them at ofp.info.
  13. dusand

    The OFP Pub Missions Feast Week

    yeah, that's good idea.
  14. dusand

    Csla 2

    Looks very nice, MAA. We are looking forward to the release.
  15. dusand

    What do you play Ofp with?

    Try for 1GB of RAM - big difference for OFPR! You say BIG difference? Very! Rule of thumb: OFP CWC: 256MB to 512MB RAM = BIG Difference OFP Resistance: 512MB to 1024MB RAM = BIG Difference Shovel some snow to earn the extra money! OK, I will try as much as I can. thanks