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  1. drewb99

    Movie: The true battle of Chernobyl

    Discovery still makes good documentaries, but they have another channel they own for running them - appropriately enough, The Science Channel. Sometimes it leaks on to normal Discovery and you get some good programming like How It's Made and the odd space documentary. The Military Channel is another one where they took good shows like Wings and rolled them into their own channel, problem is that neither are basic cable channels.
  2. drewb99

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    I refuse to believe you've ever touched Xbox Live. For giggles try playing PGR4 without being spun by someone who says you deserve it.
  3. drewb99

    Apple //e

    So basically I haven't done anything for OFP in forever and I started missing it. At the same time I have three Apple //e Platinums, a normal //e, and a //c in my closet. Putting 5 and 5 together, download here. It shows up under objects and comes in plain flavor and a flavor with a Monitor ii. (yes it's textured, OFP was being a pain and not letting me print screen)
  4. drewb99

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

    Dude, even Prey's coming out before Stalker. That's not good at all.
  5. If a company tries to sue someone for using something that looks, sounds, and acts like their product -BUT- lacks their trademarked name then they've got no case. Nothing to fret about, P51D Mustang just becomes P51D and Heckler & Koch MP5A3 becomes MP5A3.
  6. drewb99

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Because there's still the possibility that global warming because of greenhouse gas is a bunch of hooey. The world's getting warmer for sure, but nobody can yet truely put a finger on exactly why. The world has a tendancy to get warmer every few hundred years for no good reason, this could just be one of those periods.
  7. drewb99

    Your Favourate MMORPG

    When I played SWG for a free trial, I was a shirtless camo-pants wearing mullet-headed redneck with a black and yellow rusted-out speeder and a boatload of huntin' rifles. It's always fun to poke fun at the people who have super mega perfectly sculpted bodies ingame
  8. drewb99

    Goodbye F-14

    We better not cheap out & decide to sell all of 'em to some stupid little country, only to have them invade us later and wipe out our entire airforce.
  9. drewb99

    Hostage cownapped by militants

    On the subject of art... The Scream Stolen in Broad Daylight
  10. drewb99

    Hostage cownapped by militants

    Well, I'd be mad if people thought a fiberglass cow was more art than graffiti too.
  11. drewb99

    Where Are You From

    I'm 15 and live in the happy hills of Massachusetts in the US. I flip burgers for a living and can't afford a car
  12. drewb99

    What Is The World Coming Too

    People don't take a sense of belonging as well as they used to
  13. drewb99

    What is the stupid HMMWV for?

    The Humvee just got some extra armor added on IIRC- it'l be fine for quite some time.
  14. drewb99

    Rick James is DEAD

    "I'm dead, bitch!"
  15. drewb99

    XM8 budget - is this the end?

    Or, possibly, you could design the XM8 to deviate from the standard G36 design and accept regular Stantags. I, for one, am looking foreward to the XM8.