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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost

    That's outdated info. Â These days, the game uses directX 9 graphics rendering. the hell your talking about?! you really don't know how to read do you? theyre are going to be DirectX 9 yes, but the game will also have DirectX 8 and maybe 7 too renderings so that people with GF2 videocards can play the game aswell but if you play with a GF2, you won't get all of the eyecandy stuff you see on those pics, but atleast you'll be able to play the same gameplay as someone with a Radeon 9800 XT
  2. deathguy

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost

    it's incredible on how many people ask questions that are so easilly responded on the official site first let's begin with the link : http://www.stalker-game.com/ for the weapons : http://www.stalker-game.com/index.p....weapons for the vehicules : http://www.stalker-game.com/index.p....echnics and i'll let ya search the site for the rest of your questions ;) 60% of the game is actually what you'll see if you go in that region of the world, they recreated the city were the worker use to live exactly like it is right now (they live not so far from the Chernobyl power plant so they made some trips theyre and taken pictures and videos) and they even put that red forest in the game were trees are all red if i'm right they could not get into the power plant itshelf, they could only be at 300 m from it, so the interior is computer generated i'm buying that game no matter what that's for sure
  3. deathguy

    Deus ex 2 sp-demo out

    ya, I might look into the FX5700 ultra who is a bit better in benchmark test over the Radeon 9600 PRO, depend on the prize
  4. deathguy

    Deus ex 2 sp-demo out

    GF 4 MX got the capability of a GF 2 MX if you see what I mean, have no idea why they have release such a crappy card... and new games are going to require that you buy a more recent video card, GF 4 is not the best choice since it only support Direct X 8.1 and not 9 (unless you really want an Nvidia and don't want to spend a lot of money) other wise, if your low on budget, go for a Radeon 9200 PRO or if you have some more money, I would recomend you go with Radeon 9600 PRO (I can get one for 250$ CDN) or XT (if you have some extra cash) or if you have money to waste, go for the Radeon 9800 PRO or XT forget about the Nvidia FX series, they all suck really bad and are a waste of money, Radeon beat them all, which I found sad since the nvidia drivers are better....but since the hardware is not worth much, I guess the good driver are useless
  5. deathguy

    Deus ex 2 sp-demo out

    TNT2??!! I just said earlier that my GF2 could not run the game! so you can forget it with your TNT2 i'm gonna buy myshelf a Radeon 9600 (need to decide between PRO and XT) once I get the money, otherwise I won't be able to play those nice games coming
  6. deathguy

    Deus ex 2 sp-demo out

    downloading now I just hope that my GF2 T400 64MB will be able to support it EDIT : NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! my GF2 cannot launch the game!!! arg!
  7. I think this would be very usefull for MP missions and even for SP, behing able to take the mousse and draw a route or anything else that could help the planning before and while in the mission this could help a lot for teamwork since everyone would know what to do, we could set up small squad and tell them they're exact route to take and what to do once arrived at one point of the mission/map it could be as simple as how it is to draw in Paint for exemple, would also be usefull to be able to change the size of the brush (3-5 sizes) and especially the color if the game is not COOP, then it would be needed that the other team is not able to see the drawing of the others, but we could make some drawings for everyone to see, for exemple, you are into the "Global channel", everyone can see what you draw and only your team would see the drawing when you are in the "Side channel" this is pretty much only an "eye candy stuff", but I would use it also in SP, but to think of it, it could be something really usefull if the game go like this : you get into a campaign, your commanders give you a map and you must accomplish your objectives with that map, wich is the only one you will have during the whole campaign, wich would be transfert from one mission to another and would keep all the drawing you had done, drawing that are indications on targets and other things like that, it could be use as a reference of some sort also where you could take your notes (or have a notepad to do that), with the ability to erase what you have done could be usefull to spot ennemies location, and for exemple, call an artillery strike on a location on the map hope this give you some ideas
  8. agree, but with that it would be a lot better if we could get a better chat window, especially when you want to describe a long plan, normally it does not stay long enough for everyone to read it in time while in game it's ok, I like it the way it is with all of the rest of the radio chatting, maybe could just use some more set up so we could decide the size of the "box" that contain the chatting and how fast it disapear
  9. deathguy

    Question about ofp 2 marketing strategy

    well, when I got myshelf a copy of OFP : CWC at the EB Store in the Rideau Center on the 11 sept. 2001 (they were closing at the time I arrived because of the attacks, but since I knew what I wanted they let me in), OFP was the first game you were seing when entering the shop, behing able to do that with OFP 2 would not be a bad idea
  10. deathguy

    Ofp2 - source code release

    well anyway, I don't see why BIS would need to be saved, like HL was great because of CS, OFP is great because of OFP, and I don't think that OFP2 will need a mod to save is butt since i'm pretty sure it will be so great like the first that it's gonna make some big noise everywhere around the world but I still agree on your argumentation -Style-
  11. deathguy

    Ofp2 - source code release

    really nice post you did there -style- I agree totally with you and would encourage too BIS to get a partial source code release for OFP 2.
  12. deathguy

    Special forces

    I guess what he means is to make some of those missions available in the campaigns to come.
  13. deathguy

    Utilising the community

    unless theyre is a name on a contract that say that the person who give the addon to BIS do not request any money out of it but even that, I don't think it's a good idea, BIS as their styles and addon makers have theirs I guess, so let's try not to mix things up ;)
  14. deathguy

    Reloading while running an jumping

    if it's done like I said, peoples would more likely fall down on the ground and just be an easier target
  15. deathguy

    Music composer

    I hope you guys are not saying to trow out the current music composer they already have I think you should stop saying which groups of music would maybe be best see and begin telling what kind of music would fit better, and don't come here and say : "well, vietnam time music!" look, I did not live in that time, I have no freggin idea of what kind of music from that time would actually be able to fit in the game, i'm not feeling like licenning to the Beattles while i'm blasting some Vietcon and btw, anyone here as any idea on how the missions are gonna be? it's good to have lot's of music but....if it does not actually fit the mission, it's useless so while your at it, suggest some types of music that could go with that kind of mission or something? I think that's gonna be a lot more usefull to BIS than just trowing out band's name everywere, band's that they maybe don't even know what kind of music they make so that's my suggestion to the people of the forum