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    Arma 3 Texture Bug

  2. FreshMethMan

    Arma 3 Texture Bug

    I moved all the possible settings, I adjusted the distance and everything, nothing seemed to solve this, I tried directly changing the tessellation in AMD. Vega 7 is the graph Yes I have updated the drivers Thank you very much for answering
  3. FreshMethMan

    Arma 3 Texture Bug

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with all the textures in Arma 3, it turns out that I set the graphics to Standard and when I start playing they automatically degrade to ''Very Low'' My computer: Ryzen 5 4600g 16 Ram SSD 256gb It should be noted that I tried reinstalling the game, tried without mods, without commands, with commands, I deleted rpt, I formatted my computer and I couldn't find a solution, I tried everything, it is my favorite game and I hate that this happens to me. Video: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola a todos, tengo un problema con todas las texturas de Arma 3, resulta que coloco los graficos en Estandar y cuando comienzo a jugar se degradan automaticamente a ''Very Low'' Mi computadora: Ryzen 5 4600g 16 Ram SSD 256gb Cabe recalcar que e probado re instalando el juego, probar sin mods, sin comandos, con comandos, e eliminado rpt, formatee mi computadora y no encuentro solución, e probado de todo, es mi juego favorita y odio que me pase esto.