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  1. This is a coop campaign on Chernarus for up to 5 people that requires ACE (30 missions for Chernarus) There is also a mini campaign on Thirsk included (5 missions), that uses mostly SMG's - which is quite interesting to play through as well since you have to play a bit differently and adapt to your crappy weapons (The enemy also has weapons that are not great, and you can't usually get an upgrade from them, but you can sometimes get something better for a specific situation - like picking a ww2 bolt action rifle when the situation calls for a more range) The reason I'm posting this is because this campaign remained in my memory as one of the absolute best coop campaigns I ever played for ARMA 2 ACE, I recently tried to find this campaign on the internet (me and my buddies wanted to play some A2 for old times sake), but with armaholic being down, I searched a long time both on the remaining web pages, and Arma discord - but no one could provide the link. I managed to track down the author on steam, and he was kind enough to provide the missions for me and gave permission to post this on the forums as well, so in case anyone searches for this again, it's easy to find. Funnily enough I thought A2 would be ran over by time, but it's really not, it's still the good old Arma experience - the only limitation is it's keybind clunkyness, which can be brought relatively close enough to A3 standard for the most part if you have the patience Link to the campaign https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BMYFC2VaChlBU2sQgVWJjB5peQpPvTr4/view?usp=drive_link