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    [WIP] RHS/Vanilla replacement pack

    Hello, I came from the future to say that this mod changed the lives of many people who play Arma 3 lol, jokes aside. I'm Brazilian and... Bro, what an indrivel mod, it's really fun to play it with the blackhawks, I've known this mod for a long time, since then I haven't been able to do without it, of course there are still a lot of bugs, due to game updates and such, But this mod is incredible just for existing. Congratulations on being able to start something so beautiful. I wanted you to continue, I don't know anything about programming, I don't even know how to do it, I really wanted to learn, because this mod made me want to see Arma 3 from a different perspective. I don't know what's more difficult, continuing him or updating him, but if I could just make him more playable it would be really good, as some soldiers are no longer as useful, like the AA specialist. But thank you in advance for your incredible mod.