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    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    I see, it's good to know. It makes perfect sense in a way, I guess what I expected is that both teams should have a chance to win. I'm thinking right now about a workaround and so far my only idea is to use factions which are guaranteed to have AT launchers in each infantry team or to have some sort of AT launchers stored in unarmed trucks/jeeps. 3CB's "Cold war US early" seems to be the worst choice so far due to no AT and only unarmed trucks and jeeps as vehicles (ramming T72 with a truck isn't working, at least here arma could beheave like arma and yeet that tank into the space, haha), I will keep experimenting. Thanks again!
  2. Meeko_the_Raccoon

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    First of all thanks for creating this mission! It's quite great and as someone mentioned before this type of gamemode should be included in the base game from the start. I'm bringing here some feedback about one problem which I keep encountering while playing Hetman War Stories: I set up both teams (for example vanilla nato vs csat) to be of equal size, equal amount of armor (both medium), I start the game and what often happens is that enemy team has plenty of tanks (Varsuk, Angara) while my team has none, only some IFVs and a couple of PCML and one Titan AT. As a result such a mission is lost from the start, with such equipment it's impossible to destroy the enemy armor, a single Angara can steam roll the whole team. Similar thing can happen with modded factions too - as an example I tested today 3CB Factions mod. Enemy team gets BMPs, BRDMs, BTRs, my team gets couple of unarmed Jeeps and the whole AT consists of either 1 or 2 MAAWS guys (for the entire team!). This forces the player to play as a rambo, trying to use those extremely limited AT resources to destroy all the armored vehicles around the whole battlefield area (which typically ends as a failure due to shortage of rockets and big distances to cover), this feels to be very against the whole concept of being just a cog in the war machine. I'm wondering if that's a result of very unlucky dice rolls or perhaps I'm setting something wrong in the settings?