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    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    There's another Western Sahara patch in the works? Epic! Can't wait, I love this CDLC, can't wait to see what you guys are cooking up.
  2. Aerozeppelin

    General Discussion (Spearhead 1944 RC Branch)

    Will saving be returning to Warlords or was disabling saving the permanent fix for the issues? I hope it wasn't. I found I could load my game more often than not before the hotfix without issue, after the hotfix I loaded my current match and it was all sorts of broken and had to be restarted, which was to be expected. But removing saving from Warlords has removed a huge appeal to play the mode as it's no longer persistent. You have to play the entire match in one sitting if you want to experience a full match. Edit: adding to this, the change has also hurt the mode by way of the fact that it's always the same sectors, so if you just start a new match every time you want to play Warlords.. you're just capturing the same sectors again and again and, unless you have a large amount of time, will not get to experience the best parts the game mode has to offer, which is when you're battling for capture points when both sides have settled in. This change has essentially neutered the appeal of what was the best Singleplayer option in the DLC. Most of us can't enjoy an ENTIRE Warlords Match in one sitting. I was honestly having one of my favourite ARMA experiences to date in a Warlords match that this patch rendered unplayable and due to my time constraints I'll likely never be able to get the mode back to that stage in a single sitting. I really hope this isn't a permanent change as it ruins one of the already limited singleplayer options, and the best one, at that. Really hope this is a temp change and you guys are trying to get Warlords back to saveable. It would be a shame to have to be forced to rely on mods for a good combined arms singleplayer experience for this DLC because of this chage.