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  1. Mikael 5

    Plans in vigor

    Unfortunately it's sad that this is becoming true hopefully things look better in the future and they do required changed to the game and stuff.
  2. Mikael 5

    Plans in vigor

    I have had many people say that getting a plan is nearly impossible and I myself can confirm this. Plans play a huge role in a game like vigor where you loot to get resources and upgrade your shelter and make ammo and consumables and weapons and with the current plan situation new players will quit the game because of this which is reasonable as they can't progress in one of the major features of vigor and I believe that this should be fixed as soon as possible. Ways to help the dev team. 1. Crates shouldn't be the only way of getting plans. 2.story quests for vital plans like the bandage and ammo. 3. Daily challenges should contain some. 4. Daily log in rewards. 5.the battle pass should contain plans but should be alternatives to getting the plan and not being battle pass exclusive. 6. Through shooting range or similar activities. That's all hope you take this into consideration as vigor is a good game. Contact me for further help or anything else here or ask for my socials.