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    Script help | Camera follow rocket

    -Close- I was able to get it to work. Thanks anyway
  2. Hello everyone, I'm in need of your assistance. I'm trying to create a script that triggers a camera to appear and follow the rocket or bullet when I shoot with the MAAWS MK14 or any other weapon. However, I'm encountering some errors for some reason the code doesn't work, and I would greatly appreciate your help. Here are the details of the script and my setup: I followed the steps from this post: camera-to-follow-a-rocket post error image: link • My player variable name is "unint" (I'm unsure if this is relevant, but thought I'd mention it). • In the init box, the following code is used (the last line is for calling the camera follow, everything above is for infinite ammo): this addEventHandler [ "Fired", { if ((_this select 5) == "MRAWS_HEAT_F") then { player addMagazine "MRAWS_HEAT_F"; }; } ]; this addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}]; [this, 20] call BIS_fnc_traceBullets; unit addeventhandler ["fired",{_this execVM "cam.sqf"}]; • In my mission file, I've created an SQF file named "cam.sqf, the following code is inside cam.sqf. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> _projectile = nearestobject [_this select 0,_this select 4]; setacctime 0.2; _camera = "camera" camCreate (getpos _projectile); _camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"]; while{alive _projectile && alive _camera}do { _camera camSetTarget _projectile; _camera camSetRelPos [0,-13,1.2]; _camera camCommit 0; sleep 0.01; }; if(alive _camera)then{sleep 1}; _camera cameraeffect ["terminate", "back"]; camdestroy _camera; setacctime 1; If you could provide assistance with resolving the issues I'm encountering, I would be extremely grateful.