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  1. Buckwild 247

    I really need help with ARMA 3 Server

    Sorry I was having a problem but I reinstalled it and still says it but the server runs. I am using my own dedicated box I am still having issues but different ones now I get on my server locally or from my dynamic ip and a few mins later I get no message received I have fiber internet with more than enough bandwidth both up and down to handle it 400+ mbps upload and download.
  2. Server Specs: Core I7 2800 ram 12gb Gaming PC: Core I7 10200 rtx 3070TI 32 gb of ram I have a static IP for gameservers so I am able to use my dynamic ip to enter my static ip and join like i normally would. I get no message received and then poof logged out. Reinstalled 4 times to no avail my internet is 400mbps up and down and rarely spikes. I get booted off on a regular. I have turned off ddos protection on my router, reinstalled numberous times firewalls are off on both machines. Main router connects to outside internet at that point I can surf the web with my dynamic ip Set up in bridge mode To allow public dedicated ip to operate. Is it a problem arma 3 traffic is going in and out of the same passthrough? ANy help to fix this would be appreciated.
  3. Buckwild 247

    Server Question

    I guess to make it as simple as possible to understand say im on on my gaming pc and the server has an ip would I have to be on the same network as my dedicated box?
  4. Buckwild 247

    Server Question

    I have the server software on one pc and the game on another both have different IP's because 1 is my dedicated IP the other is my isp dynamic ip. So in that scenario could I run the dedicated server (armaserver) and use my account to log into my game or would I have to be on the same network as my dedicated server? My internet has a dynamic IP and a Dedicated IP so my other computer handles all internet related servers and such. I just game and surf the internet from my dynamic IP if that makes sense.
  5. Buckwild 247

    Server Question

    Ok so what I have going is I have a dedicated IP that I run a server computer on. I use my desktop for all other things like gaming and internet which is on my dynamic ip so normally any game I put on the server computer I can reach from my dyn ip. I start the server everything appears to work fine I have opened the ports I can see my server from my dyn ip in launcher...when I join though I get connection failed. If I direct connect same thing....If I change my network and hop over on the same network as the server it joins and plays perfectly fine. I have tried flushdns and all kinds of stuff so I guess I need to ask the simple question that if I used the same steam account to download the server files and try to join from the same account to play but on a different network would it work or would I have to be on the same network as my dedi to play without paying for 2 copies of the game? In otherwords if I steamcmd downloaded the server from joeschmoe account and tried to play said server from said joeschmoe account would I need to be on the same lan or would it work remotely?
  6. I am trying to set up a mission from steam workshop I have tried several scenarios they all say the same thing which is You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.\na3_characters_f I do not have any mods at all installed. can someone help me get this going?