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  1. How I would go about putting something in place on a Zeus mission for the following? I want a scroll option (start Killhouse) on an item (can be any item) that will spawn enemy AI and place them into selected buildings (variable a-e) but not move, then once run through, another scroll option to (Reset Killhouse) which deletes all dead bodies within say 200m and starts the placement again ready to go. Bonus points for a stop button that removes the AI from there dead or alive. I've been looking online and nothing I've seen seems to fit in easily. They either need AI already there, which defeats the point of a spawner, or are beyond my knowledge of how.
  2. You can also place a Headquarters Module and give it a variable name (in my case it's HQCHAT), name your custom callsign (in my case it's Flamingo) then use something like this in the exec box. Side, Global etc just change the part that says it, to change the chat used. HQCHAT sideChat "Hello" Will show as Flamingo "Hello" Wish I could get rid of the quotations tho.