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  1. This is caused by the "Bullet Casings" mod to my knowledge, it's not fault of the GM devs it's just that this mod isn't configured to not collide with GM vehicles, unlike vanilla vehicles. Essentially the mod creates a casing whenever a shell of that Shilka is fired, the shell is placed inside the tank so the tank "collides" with it and sort of gets "pushed up" by it, it's funny physics behaviour. This Mod is the cause. To the devs: All of the SPz1 (Marder) and SpPz2 (Luchs) variants do not engage aircraft (Planes, Helicopters) at all when crewed by AI, they follow aircraft with the turret and gun but never fire. I've tested this without any mods and without being in the command structure of the vehicle (not being the tank commander) The Gepard and mounted MG3 engage aircraft just fine.