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  1. Primarily neatness but also to avoid hitting any potential group limits.
  2. Its for a multiplayer 24/7 training server, the players will be starting and resetting a live fire shoothouse manually with addAction commands on a laptop based outside the shoothouse. first addAction calls the scripts to spawn the enemies second addAction removes them all nb. I have managed to get the spawns to work but they spawn each unit into there own groups (alpha, bravo, charlie etc.)
  3. Dramacius

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Mostly solved but each createUnit creates them into a seperate group, like all on east but 1 unit in each Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc.
  4. Hi, I am trying to spawn a bunch of enemies in a custom shoothouse, I have used Game Logic to set the possible random positions in the building I need the units to stay in position and one of the units is to carry a key. The problem I am having is they all seem to spawn on the same spawn marker. I haven't tested anything else yet as I just want to get them to spawn in the right places first. I have 2 other areas attached to the shoothouse, one with an Officer in parade uniform who I want to surrender when the players enter the building for them to capture and another with a few (maybe just 2) civilian hostages who are tied up and on the floor for the players to rescue. I am using several mods including ACE3 and CBA. This is to go onto a dedicated server once completed. Thanks for any help you can provide. My Codes:
  5. Dramacius

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Hi, I am trying to get the FillHouse script to work. I have attached it to an interaction on a laptop object like this: this addaction ['Start Shoothouse', 'DM_ShoothouseAISpawn']; in the laptops init text box. I have the following code in my init.sqf located in my base mission folder with the mission file DM_ShoothouseAISpawn = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "DM_ShoothouseAISpawn.sqf"; and have the following code in DM_ShoothouseAISpawn.sqf nul = [DMShootHouse, 2, true, 2, 50, 150, "default", nil, "hint 'Shoothouse Spawning'", nil, ["ALL"]] execVM "LV\fillHouse.sqf"; I have put a Game Logic moduel in the building I want occupied and given it the variable name DMShootHouse My description.ext file contains the code as posted in the instructions and I have the downloaded LV folder in my base mission folder. My problem is, I activate the laptop and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong please> Kind regards Dramacius