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  1. New task related to this. I want to extend the controls so that players create or join a specified group when they connect Group names are Spartan, Alpha, Hotel, Apollo, Artemis, Hades and Hydra. I want them to set the Squad Leader to highest ranking member unless someone has joined with the role SquadLead. Is this possible?
  2. hey guys. thanks again for all your help. I have got the majority of this working so far I think however I have added some additional sections. The two problems I am having now is no matter what I set my "Role" as selection 5 of the _allPlayers sub array it always loads the "commander.sqf" script and the second issue is the _this setUnitRank _rank; command is not working it keeps giving me an error saying Type Array expected Object or something similar to that. This is the whole code that runs in initPlayerLocal.sqf I these loadouts stored in seperate SQF files Solved by changing private _index = DM_allPlayers find _uid; to private _index = DM_allPlayers apply {_x #0 } find _uid;
  3. thank you guys, both your codes look great and I will try them tomorrow.
  4. hey guys, I have found I can allow connections to my server using UID (or more to the point disallow players from joining if they're Steam ID is not in an allowed list. I am sure there is a way of doing other things with it so I have been expermenting with the following idea. I have a nested array of players that includes player name, UID, and a couple of other settings I would like to set when a player joins the server. I use ace so would like to be able to set the Medical, Engineering and EOD perms through this system. players = [ [ "76561198001748042", // Dungeon Master 0, // Medical (0 = none, 1 = Combat Medic, 2 = Doctor) 0, // Engineer (0 = no, 1 = yes) 0 // EOD (0 = no, 1 = yes) ] ]; allowedPlayers = pushBack players (select 0 in each of the sub arrays); // I don't know how to get the position 0 of a sub array and can't find anything on google to explain it. I would like to have these settings set when a player connects so in initPlayerLocal.sqf I need to put the following codes _player = [player name, getplayerUID player]; _name = _player select 0; _uid = _player select 1; _medic = players (each nested array select 1); // I don't know how to do this and the same for engineer and EOD _engineer = players (each nested array select 2); _eod = players (each nested array select 3); if (_uid !in allowedPlayers) then { endMission 3; } else { if (_medic == 1) then { _this setVariable ["ace_medical_medicClass",1,true]; }; if (_medic == 2) then { _this setVariable ["ace_medical_medicClass",2,true]; }; if (_engineer == 1) then { _this setVariable ["ACE_IsEngineer",1,true]; }; if (_EOD == 1) then { _this setVariable ["ACE_isEOD",1,true]; };
  5. Is it possible to have team members positions around you marked at the edges of the screen akin to how some racing games give indicators to show when other racers are near your vehicle but out of sight? Our group currently uses DUI Radar but would prefer to not have that on display. It shouldn't show the icons for team members that are in view and only show indicators (ideally their role icon) when the team members are "near" (maybe within 10m or configurable maybe) This is beyond my current understandings of sqf and I don't even know if its possible.
  6. Dramacius

    Shooting Targets

    Thanks I have managed to implement something like this (not on the computer right now to get the exact code I used but it sort of works as long as I am not using full auto as that seems to register multiple hits before it removes the event handler.
  7. Hi all, is there an event handler or way of outputting the number of popup targets that are down? I am running a shooting range that has a timer which stops when all the targets are down, I've been using the EH `hit` to detect if a target has been hit but there are occassions when the target can be hit multiple times before its fully down and it returns false hits in my counter stopping the counter before all targets are down. for reference this is the code for my targets DDR5_RangeTargets = this nearObjects ["TargetP_Inf_F", 40]; targetsHit = 0; { _x setVariable ["nopop", true]; _x addEventHandler ["hit", {targetsHit = targetsHit + 1}]; } forEach DDR5_RangeTargets;
  8. Dramacius

    Help with replacing waitUntil

    Thank you loads, I will take a look at this tomorrow and see about getting it implemented and what I can learn to improve my understanding of SQF. I am still baffled by params[] but hopefully I can learn how that works soon.
  9. I might have to put a bunch of small markers or gamelogics down for each section of some of the ranges just to cover the various lines of targets in each lane on the ranges with multiple lanes.
  10. would this work with rectagular markers? At least one of the ranges has multiple positions that if multiple players are using it at the same time would need each "Lane" to have its own reset. I think I am going to have to hide and replace every target manually on the map 😞 there are thousands and doing this is going to inflate the mission file size dramatically especially as the objects are already there!
  11. is there a version of this position nearObjects [typeName, radius] that can detect objects in a marker rather than radius of position?
  12. For reference this is the map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2983546566&searchtext=
  13. its a new map but very well designed. They work 100% tested, added the noPop and it stops them popping up, removed it and the return to poping up after a second or 2.
  14. I'm using Dagger Island Training Complex (Beta)
  15. I was hoping something like this would work however I don't know what I should put in place of "StaticWeapon" to get an array of the shooting targets vehicles select { _x isKindOf "StaticWeapon" } inAreaArray "myMarker"