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    Init not working in multiplayer

    Unfortunately it didn't work. The script still got stuck at a waituntil command client side.
  2. Jumpinforfred

    Init not working in multiplayer

    Okidoky, thank you very much I'll give a go during the week. Just had a look around all the "new" event scripts and I wasn't aware of all the stuff that existed, thanks for showing me !
  3. Hi, i'm working on a mission and i have my init.sqf that seems to crash/stop on the client side if i use waituntil {scriptdone _a} at line 17 (just after the execVM). Single player and host don't have this issue. I'm stuck using the sleep command for it to work but i dont like it since the script that's running before is for a conversations which I haven't quite finished yet so I don't know the exact length. I'm attaching the init and the other sqf i've referenced. I know scripting for multiplayer can be finicky cause of desync and packet loss but this is really quite enraging to be fair 😄 Does anyone have a suggestion to how i could use waituntil and still have it work in multiplayer ? Thanks ! Init.Sqf BriefingDone = false; cutText ["", "BLACK FADED", 1]; [0,0,false] spawn BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder; titleText ["ONI HOSTAGE SITUATION", "plain", 1]; a1 playMove "Acts_B_M03_briefing"; sleep 3; cutText ["", "BLACK in", 1]; _A = execVM "conversation1.sqf"; sleep 28; [1,1,false] spawn BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder; titleCut ["", "BLACK out", 1]; sleep 8; BriefingDone = true; a1 switchMove "amovpercmstpslowwrfldnon"; sleep 8; titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 1]; conversation1 : player KbAddTopic ["briefing","texts.bikb","",""]; a1 KbAddTopic ["briefing","texts.bikb","",""]; a2 KbAddTopic ["briefing","texts.bikb","",""]; a1 KbTell [player,"briefing","ONI1brief"]; waitUntil { a1 KbWasSaid [player,"briefing","ONI1brief",3]; / }; a2 KbTell [player,"briefing","ONI2brief"]; waitUntil { a2 KbWasSaid [player,"briefing","ONI2brief",3]; }; a1 KbTell [player,"briefing","ONI1brief1"]; sleep 2;