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  1. polarbear416

    Ultra newbie question

    I have been able to create some pretty good basic scenarios now. Not doing anything fancy, but just using prefabs to create different situations. My ultra basic question is how to I learn what's possible to do with different managers, components, etc? What components can go on what entities? What the object parameters are? For example, by trial and error I figured out that I could set formation to "line" or "column" as well as wedge, but could I have looked that up somewhere? Where would I see the complete list of what's possible? And while I can see that it's possible to add a bunch of components to things, how do I learn which do what? Like, what components can actually be attached to a waypoint, or to a group? And what options there are? Is there any way to see some level of definition or how things fit together or what they do? Do you just need to be in the inside to find these things out or is there some way I can answer these kinds of questions for myself without just scouring YouTube videos and such? I saw there are various resources and tutorials but they're mostly around the fundamental principles and such and not just documenting all the functionality that's available in different managers, components, prefabs
  2. Yeah I figured out I missed that step of adding the navmesh. I have added it now and it is working. I think that step was missed in the video I followed? Or I missed it? But adding the navmesh fixed it. It's arcane trying to figure these details out, like knowing you need to explicitly set a navmesh, but I'm getting there.
  3. Is this supported yet? I saw I can set initial formation by going to the group, looking at the formation component, and setting it. It looks like Wedge, Column and Line are supported so far? Any others? I tried to change formation with a waypoint. It looks like I can load the same formation component in the waypoint, but setting a value there didn't seem to have any effect. Is there a way? AI moving on the map works better in a column, fewer guys get stuck on rocks, but I did notice it matters a lot that they fan out into a wedge before attacking otherwise they bunch up into a big target.
  4. Thanks, that seems to be what I need! I was able to get it to work by regenerating the whole navmesh, which takes a long time and generates a huge file, but it works. I tried a few times to generate a small part of the map, but it's confusing and I wasn't able to do that. I just need one area probably 200 meters square on the map. Especially if I upload it, it becomes huge with the whole navmesh. But it looks like the Regen one tile only works AFTER you regen the whole map? Which means you need to provide the whole large file in the mission? Or am I missing something?
  5. I can see that AI's are often getting stuck on objects I place on the map. For example, if I put down a sandbag barrier the AI's will get stuck trying to cross it. I guess it isn't in their navmesh? Is there a solution? Some way the navmesh can be updated when an object is placed down? I put a sandbag barrier and MG next to a choke point in a scenario. Once the MG's dead the other faction AI's can't get through the choke point because they get stuck trying to cross the sandbag. They don't figure out to step over it or go around. Anyone have a solution? And as a bug report / feature request - I feel like the AI's should not keep trying a path that isn't working. If a path forward doesn't work they should back up and try a different way. That would also effectively get them around these obstacles, maybe not in the most graceful way, but then they wouldn't just come to a stop forever.
  6. polarbear416

    Really really simple feature request

    Thanks! I am basically just creating missions in Reforger Tools now and playing them myself. Can do a bit more than Game Master allows and I can get it all set up and play test it a few times before running it.
  7. When you click "play" from workbench, and then hit ESC, instead of immediately returning to edit mode ask for confirmation before exiting. ESC is a common key to hit, to ESC out of a menu, such as inventory. If ESC didn't kill the session you could actually call that a kind of single player scenario mode. I have been doing that: dropping units on a map, giving them some waypoints, and then spawning into the middle of it. It's fun. But then I accidentally hit ESC and exit my "game"
  8. I am trying to use Arma Reforger Tools to make a simple scenario with AI's that move to an objective and do something, however, I'm getting really dumb AI behavior. On the other hand if I open up game master, drop a squad somewhere on the map, and tell it to "search and destroy" inside some area (e.g., inside the castle), the AI is pretty smart in the way it handles that: It'll largely follow roads to get there, go around obstacles, not jump off cliffs, and when it gets to the castle it'll move around to the arch way to go inside - it's pretty good. I'm not getting that behavior in my scenario though. In Reforger Tools if I put a squad in the same place, put a waypoint inside the castle, and set the squad to go to that waypoint I get really basic and dumb AI behavior: they line up instead of staying in formation, beeline to the objective, don't follow roads, jump off cliffs, and if they get to the castle they just run into the wall and stop, don't find a way inside. Obviously the smarter AI functionality exists and I'm just not connecting up with it properly, so is there a tutorial or something I'm missing on how to do that? This is the first time I'm trying to do anything with Reforger, and I am following the method in UselessFodder's Youtube video, "How to Make Missions in Arma Reforger Complete Tutorial" to place the AI units and the waypoints, for now just trying to create really simple scenarios but hopefully with the smarter AI I can see if I open the game and launch into GameMaster.