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    Project Adapt

    My goal in a nut shell is to make a mod based on a consept of escape from Tarkov gameplay but completely open world like in dayz based in east London "not to scale" and the outskirts with a few English towns and villages. With a theme like 48 weeks later. I want there to be safe zones like canary wharf for instance, with optional side quests wich involve leaving the safe zone and finding certain materials ect. Completing the quests gain xp, wich unlocks higher tier loot. Whilst out the safe zones it's a pvp, pve environment. I've not got plans for any zombies, but there with be other AI factions to fight and loot there gear, along with bosses with higher tier loot. But I might just have both zombies and factions. You will also be able to find in any building you can reinforce it into a base. Kind of like in EFT with your hideout, but with it being raidable by other players. I also like the idea of buying property in the safe zones but not quiet sure how to go around that one yet.. Maybe have it so you can raid in the safe zones but if you get caught the AI guards, you go to jail for a certain amount of time.. We'll see. Now I'm crap at scripting so this goal is far from being achieved. But as the time goes on, I'm sure there will be mods in the future made by others that I can find a way to merge to achive something close to this. But I am ok with modeling and level design. So I will be recreating a world for this mod and make it open source for other people to join in the madness. And who knows it might grow into something beautiful. I'll post pictures here later of some of the level designs I've done. I'm really enjoying what I can do with this new infusion workshop and what others have achieved in such a short time. Happy modding people.
  2. Testing importing models.. Everyone needs the good old Deez Beans.
  3. I'm not looking for the complete guide on how to edit or script but I do want to know the right direction to look in to. What area do you edit to change the gameplay of the game. For example creating a hunger system or changing what the player starts with say like on dayz you start with no clothes and an apple and bandages. I'm new to this so I'm not sure if it's all in the scripting area or if theres an area in the editor to just tweek around a few things like how the source sdk works.
  4. Cheers amigo. Just the info I was looking for. 👍