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  1. Bodycount69

    does this game even work yet?

    Nope can't even stay in a full round in MP with being kicked for no reason 😞
  2. Bodycount69

    Servers are dead :(

    Wow where is everyone ?
  3. Ya so what are we at 5 or 6 patches and this is still a thing 😞
  4. This is still an issue 😞 come on guys if we can't finish around witout getting kicked, how are we to test the game ??????
  5. I wouldn't have know theirs MP I keep getting kicked before action starts 😞
  6. Your main focus should be fixing your servers, without a stable server to play on we cannot test the game properly there's been constant disconnects and legs like crazy from release. This has been driving me crazy 5 to 10 mins in the game and this !