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  1. karma996

    does this game even work yet?

    it says it's a preview ... it's written big. we have 11 months, in the end you may be dissatisfied with the final product. now you don't have the right to be
  2. karma996

    Arma R 60 FPS on Xbox Serie?

    I hope that is the achievable goal at least on Series X
  3. On seriesX I hope to see soon 1) mouse & keyboard support 2) remapping commands 3) pg vital system closest to the series ... In the old "operation flashpoint" you suffered damage depending on where you were hit .. if hit in the leg you would no longer run If hit in the arm you could no longer aim ... Injury and bleeding with a simple bandage is very reductive! 4) stable server with 64 players and use of mods (obviously) 5) More npgs deployed in the bases once they are conquered and expanded. It's okay 3 npg when you hack the radio but when you build other elements (armory, vehicles, bunkers, checkpoints) Other npgs are needed to preside over the places 6) heavy vehicles, artillery, tanks, helicopters ... Everything that was in the old game
  4. karma996

    Fix arma reforge

    Here is another who buys early access software without having the slightest idea what it means and without reading anything ....go away please ...