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  1. Season 12 Elimination is horribly bad. Thanks for destroying my favourite game mode. Everyone having the same gear was better than everyone having different gear. You messed up the balancy aspect of the game mode and made skill play a less important role. Now you don't get those fun rounds anymore in which everyone had crossbows and pistols or similar bad weapons. No shotgun rounds, no melee rounds, nothing. Sure you had to implement some stupid crowns wasting mechanic, right? What a great idea. Please promote the person who came up with that sh*t, smh. Obviously those changes didn't aim for making the game mode better but to make it more profitable. Hope this pays off for you. I assume there will be quite some people abandoning this mode.
  2. Radmax_38

    error with comunicate cloud

    Having the exact same issue. I drop out of almost all matches provided I can even get this far. Why is there still no reply from BI? This issue is well known and according to reddit and co there are many people having this problem. When will there be any actions to fix this? Love the game btw.