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  1. Sorry, any news to updates?
  2. unnamedsoldier

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Good day! First of all, I want to thank the authors for the quality DLC. Really good... but a bit underfilled. Hence the question - will there be at least some development of this add-on? A little bit of extra content could have greatly affected its appeal to ARMA fans. Nothing special - just a little functionality and a little atmosphere. In terms of atmosphere - at least one more dust glasses and cross-machine-gun belts as a vest. And add army cap with camo UNA uniform, please. Plus the headband (black and red) for contractors and rebels. As well as a retexture of the base Colt 45 in black (as you did with ADB). Camouflage AAF for armed SUVs. This is sorely lacking in all DLCs for "Arma". In terms of functionality - add a 12-gauge shotgun (like AA-12 from "Arma-2") and one-shoot rocketlauncher like RPG-18 or LAW. In ideal - a drone with a supply of grenades that can be "dropped" on the enemy. The drone model is already in 'Laws of War', just need to refine the new feature. I'm sure this will greatly increase the value of your add-on in the eyes of the players. With excellent quality, it lacks content a little. P.S. And yes - a machine gun shooter in an armored jeep cannot be killed in the head when firing from the front and to the side. Please fix this bug. For the armored jeeps themselves - special thanks. A very useful thing.
  3. Good day! First of all, I would like to thank all the creators of this modification - this is the best addition to "Arma 3". I hope the development of the project will continue, now there is an imbalance of factions - the BRD army in the 80s, and the DDR more in the 70s. For example, the East really lacks light anti-tank armored vehicles based on the BRDM and the T-72 tank. I would like to wait for these machines in the game. As well as the Mi-8 helicopter. It would strike a balance. P.S. There is such a trouble. With T-55 hatches, the same problem. The modification has very few bugs (which is great), and this makes the problem with tank hatches even more noticeable. I wish the authors every success in life and work. Guys, you are the best!