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  1. Hello!! I am trying to spawn an air vehicle with its crew and with a group of soldiers inside (as a cargo) through scripting. I perfectly know how to do it with land vehciles, but with air vehicles, it just doesn't work! Here is my code: lax=3748; lay=3748; laz=140; _laposition=[lax,lay,laz]; pierre=createVehicle ["CUP_B_AC47_Spooky_USA", [0,0,0], [], 0, "FLY"]; _grp=createVehicleCrew pierre; pierre setVelocityModelSpace [0,100,0]; pierre setPosATL _laposition; grupit=createGroup west; _soldier=grupit createUnit ["CUP_B_CDF_Militia_SNW", [0,0,0], [], 0, "CARGO"]; grupit createUnit ["CUP_B_CDF_Soldier_MG_FST", [0,0,0], [], 0, "CARGO"]; grupit createUnit ["CUP_B_CDF_Soldier_MG_FST", [0,0,0], [], 0, "CARGO"]; {_x moveInCargo pierre;} forEach units grupit; selectPlayer _soldier; Where am I wrong? Thank you in advance!😄
  2. Hello everyone! I am just trying, through script, to spawn several objects in a certain order on the map and then rotate them all into a certain direction, but mantaining their relative positions and directions. Basically, the same thing as if you would go to the editor, place some objects, then select them all with left click and rotate them This is the code I have for now to sapwan thos objects in the desired positions x_bu=3743.164; y_bu=3765.739; z_bu=0; rotz_bu=101; _position_bunker=[x_bu,y_bu,z_bu]; x_vi=3742.019; y_vi=3769.415; z_vi=0; rotz_bi=100; _position_vallaizq=[x_vi,y_vi,z_vi]; x_vd=3740.682; y_vd=3762.660; z_vd=0; rotz_bd=100; _position_vallader=[x_vd,y_vd,z_vd]; _bunker= "Land_BagBunker_Small_F" createVehicle _position_bunker; _vallaizq="Land_BagFence_Long_F" createVehicle _position_vallaizq; _vallader="Land_BagFence_Long_F" createVehicle _position_vallader; _bunker setDir rotz_bu; _vallaizq setDir rotz_bi; _vallader setDir rotz_bd; Now I want to rotate it all together 'Y' degrees. Thank you a lot!
  3. vissarion1917

    How to export terrain information

    Thanks for your reply! I tried it and this is what it returned to me: [408294: t_picea3f.p3d,408312: t_picea3f.p3d,408289: t_picea3f.p3d,408304: t_picea3f.p3d,408328: t_picea3f.p3d,408320: t_picea3f.p3d,408303: t_picea3f.p3d,408295: t_picea3f.p3d,408313: t_picea3f.p3d,408292: t_picea3f.p3d,408307: t_picea3f.p3d,408297: t_picea3f.p3d,408286: t_picea3f.p3d,408329: t_picea3f.p3d,408305: t_picea3f.p3d,408291: t_picea3f.p3d,408310: t_picea3f.p3d,408327: t_picea3f.p3d,408282: t_picea3f.p3d,408298: t_picea3f.p3d,408325: t_picea3f.p3d,947798: r2_boulder2.p3d,408300: t_picea3f.p3d,408301: t_picea3f.p3d,408316: t_picea3f.p3d,408302: t_picea3f.p3d,408317: t_picea3f.p3d,408406: t_picea3f.p3d,408315: t_picea3f.p3d,408155: t_picea3f.p3d,408141: t_picea3f.p3d,408293: t_picea3f.p3d,408376: t_picea3f.p3d,408296: t_picea3f.p3d,947797: r2_boulder1.p3d,408374: t_picea3f.p3d,408284: t_picea3f.p3d,408160: t_picea3f.p3d,407998: misc_stub1.p3d,408314: t_picea3f.p3d,408116: t_picea3f.p3d,408324: t_picea3f.p3d,408283: t_picea3f.p3d,947772: r2_boulder2.p3d,408407: t_picea3f.p3d,407984: t_picea3f.p3d,408384: t_picea3f.p3d,408117: t_picea3f.p3d,408323: t_picea3f.p3d,407949: t_picea2s.p3d,407954: t_picea1s.p3d,408393: t_picea3f.p3d,408162: t_picea3f.p3d,407987: t_picea3f.p3d,408309: t_picea3f.p3d,408383: t_picea3f.p3d,408322: t_picea3f.p3d,408154: t_picea3f.p3d,947771: r2_boulder2.p3d,408143: t_picea3f.p3d,947769: r2_boulder2.p3d,407976: t_picea3f.p3d,408306: t_picea3f.p3d,408115: t_picea3f.p3d,407990: b_pmugo.p3d,408271: t_picea3f.p3d,408378: t_picea3f.p3d,408118: t_picea3f.p3d,408308: t_picea3f.p3d,408321: t_picea3f.p3d,407966: t_picea3f.p3d,408121: t_picea3f.p3d,408405: t_picea3f.p3d,407950: t_picea2s.p3d,408402: t_picea3f.p3d,408398: t_picea3f.p3d,408243: t_picea3f.p3d,947765: r2_boulder1.p3d,408131: t_picea3f.p3d,408149: t_picea3f.p3d,408396: t_picea3f.p3d,408166: t_picea2s.p3d,408142: t_picea3f.p3d,408287: t_picea3f.p3d,407965: t_picea3f.p3d,408392: t_picea3f.p3d,407959: t_picea3f.p3d,407973: t_picea3f.p3d,407759: t_picea3f.p3d,408389: t_picea3f.p3d,408311: t_picea3f.p3d] I guess that is the list of different plants within the class "plants", right? But isn't supposed to return me this classes instead of the different components within each class? It worked perfectly, but is there any other methos to make it automatically and instead of involving the manual copy-paste method? Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! I am trying to obtain information of the map and export/save it somewhere, like a .txt file or some thing where check it. For example, here is the code to have a list with all terrain objects within a given radius // Define the position _position = getMarkerPos "position"; // Define radius _radius = 50; // SearchForObjects _terrainObjects = _position nearestTerrainObjects [_radius, "All"]; Now, I want to save this list/information somewhere. IS there any way? I have tried to "create" a .txt file, but unsucessfully. Thanks a lot! Vis,
  5. I have done it with 300m over and over again and the same result Also I have tried several options such as: (meadow)*(1-sea) (1+meadow) (meadow)*(trees)*(1-sea) (meadow)*(1+trees)*(1-sea) (trees)*(forest)*(1-sea) (trees)*(1+forest)*(1-sea) And always, the _marker88 appears in the exact same spot: at the bottom of the map in the sea. The same result
  6. Yeah I know it, I tried it and after trying I finally realized what you just have said, that it is needed an extra "select" to obtain the coordinates and yes, I also validated it with a hint. But thank you anyways for replying again! No the doubt I have is this one. I have tried inizialiting the mission many many times and in everytime the _marker88 puts at the bottom of the map in the sea, every single time. It seems that I am using wrong the "selectBestPlaces" command
  7. Thank you a lot for the reply! In my formula, I put: myplace=selectBestPlaces[positionA, 50, "meadow", 1, 5]; And always, the marker_88 puts at the bottom of the map, in the sea. But that does not make any sense to me What am I doing wrong with selectBestPlaces command?
  8. Thank you for the reply! I did exactly that, and in the line of _marker88=createMarker ["_marker88", positionBravo]; I get the following error: Vector type error. Number expected
  9. Thank you! "SelectBEstPlaces" seems to be the command I was looking for. And now I have a pair of doubts about it. Doubt 1 In the bohemia interactive page where this command is explained, it gives an example of its use, and states the following command: myPlaces = selectBestPlaces [position player, 50, "meadow + 2*hills", 1, 5]; I do not know why he puts that "meadow+2*hills". Why not just "meadow" or "hills" why that strange formula and what does it mean? Doubt 2 I have checked the bohemia interactive page of that command and I do not get clear what does that command return. I have checked on game and i t returns a lot of numbers and coordinates that I do not have any idea what are they refering to. Ideally, I would like to receive the coordinates of what I am looking for. As an example, lets imagine that with "selectBestPlaces" I am searching for a meadow in a 50m radius from the position A. I would type that in the code: myplace=selectBestPlaces[positionA, 50, "meadow", 1, 5]; thex=myplace select 1; they=myplace select 2; positionBravo=[thex,they]; _marker88=createMarker ["_marker88", positionBravo]; "_marker88" setMarkerType "mil_warning"; "_marker88" setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; But it doesn't work for me. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Thank you a lot for the response! But I have tried it and doesn't work, at least in arma 2. Also, it doesn't report me any error, so no clue what kind o thing doesn`t work Thank you!
  11. Hi everyone! I am a noob on scripting but I am trying really hard to understand and practice as much as I can so here is a doubt I have. I am creating random coordinates on the maps, and what I am trying to do is to identify what is on that specific coordinate. Is it a road, is it flat, is it a building, is it a forest, is it a rock, is it a hill, is it a concealment position...? I am trying to do it with the "nearestLocation" command and the "nearestObject" command but it doesn't really work. I just want to identify if the given coordinates refers to a concealment position, to a city, to a flat... Thank you a lot!
  12. vissarion1917

    Problem with "knowsAbout" command

    Thank you a lot! It worked Just a pair of doubts. Why is preferible to create the enemy group as you did instead of my method? Why is desirable putting "private" i front of creating the enemy group? And also, I am not an expert on scripting as you can see and I do not know if I have understanded correctly the "waituntil" command. Correct me if I am wrong but I think that what that command does is that checks every 1 seconds (sleep 1) if the conditions (player knowsAbout blabla) has been completed to run the following commands (hint "enemyspotted"). Right? Thank you a lot!
  13. Hello Everyone What I am trying to do on the editor is to spawn certain units according to a random number. So I create a unit which presence condition is "alfa" I create another unit which presence condition is "beta" And now I place some triggers and in their "on activation" boxes I write the following: u=random 3; if (u>1) then {alfa=true} else {beta=true}; And it does not work. Does anybody knows why? The random number in u is correctly generated because I just hace checked it with: hint format["the random number calculated is %1",u]; So here is not the problem. The problem must be that 'if-else' statement and I do not know why. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone! I am trying to script a mission so if the player spots a specific enemy, a hint appears. I am trying to implement the "knowsAbout" command and it doesn't work. I don't know what am I doing wrong. I have implemented the following code in a init.sqf file _enemyteam=createGroup east; //here I create the enemy group (as long as the bohemia interactive forum says it must be a group) "O_Soldier_F" createUnit [getMarkerPos "marker3", _enemyteam]; //here I spawn the enemy unit if (player knowsAbout _enemyteam) then {hint "Enemy spotted"}; When I run the mission, appears tthe following error in the 3rd line of code: Error knowsAbout: group type, object expected I have also tried the following code (which is not exactly what I want but...) _enemyteam=createGroup east; "O_Soldier_F" createUnit [getMarkerPos "marker3", _enemyteam]; if (player knowsAbout east) then {hint "Enemy spotted"}; And the error I get is: Error knowsAbout: side type, object expected How can I solve this? What am I doing wrong? Thank you a lot