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  1. script for opening the bar gate. this bar gate is placed in the map. once had an object id script to open the bar gate. but can't find it anymore, it was something with nearestobject! can someone help me Bar-Gate object picture
  2. hello members When I was in Afghanistan as a marksman. I had a primary weapon Colt - c7 and an Accuracy International AW338 Sniper rifle on my back. I'm trying to give my units in the editor the same loadoud. Is this possible to give the ai a HK416 and a sniper rifle on his back (Like a m116 at weapon) . Instead of an anti-tank weapon on the back, a sniper weapon. is this possible within the editor? here you see me at the firing range with my 2 guns. I want to create this at armasee picture
  3. thank you. going to try it out tomorrow
  4. thank you. going to try it out tomorrow
  5. I've been trying for days to put an ace strobe or the standard strobe light from arma on an ai character. and it actually flashes and is on. Does anyone have any idea how to do this in a simple way? something with attach strobe or something like that?