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  1. Hi there, I am using Dodzh Lootsystem on my server and I'm enjoying the easy implementation of new classes and the ability to spawn loot from a vast range of mods. BUT, as I run a survival server, I am trying to make things scarce but also fairly balanced. I have quite a lot of 'trash' items in my loot table, to dilute the pool, but I am having a hard time understanding the weights. From what I understand the loot system uses BIS_fnc_selectRandomWeighted function to go through the arrays, but I am having a hell of a time figuring out what numbers I can go up to. Below I have added an example of the config with the loot tables from dodzh. https://github.com/dodzh/lootsystem/blob/1eb288be94d45df76d8ae80e88cf169031ffc2b5/lootsystem/config.cpp#L31 class CfgLootTables { class Military { ratio[] = { "weapons",3, "backpacks",1, "uniforms",1, "items",2 }; weapons[] = { "arifle_SDAR_F",1, "arifle_MXM_F",1, "srifle_LRR_F",1, "srifle_DMR_03_F",1, "srifle_DMR_02_F",1, "MMG_02_black_F",1, "launch_NLAW_F",0.5, "arifle_MX_F",3, "arifle_MX_GL_F",2, "arifle_MX_SW_F",2, "arifle_MXC_F",2, "SMG_01_F",2, "hgun_P07_F",4, "hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_F",2 }; backpacks[] = { "B_AssaultPack_dgtl",2, "B_AssaultPack_ocamo",2, "B_AssaultPack_khk",2, "B_AssaultPack_mcamo",2, "B_AssaultPack_sgg",2, "B_Carryall_ocamo",1, "B_Carryall_mcamo",1, "B_Carryall_oli",1, "B_FieldPack_ocamo",3 }; items[] = { "FirstAidKit",10, "Medikit",1, "ToolKit",1, "MineDetector",1, "ItemGPS",5, "acc_flashlight",5, "acc_pointer_IR",5, "muzzle_snds_acp",5, "muzzle_snds_L",5, "muzzle_snds_H",5, "muzzle_snds_B",5, "muzzle_snds_338_black",2, "muzzle_snds_338_green",2, "muzzle_snds_338_sand",2, "bipod_01_F_blk",2, "bipod_01_F_mtp",2, "bipod_01_F_snd",2, "muzzle_snds_H_khk_F",5, "bipod_01_F_khk",2, "NVGoggles",2, "NVGoggles_tna_F",2, "NVGogglesB_blk_F",2, "NVGogglesB_grn_F",2, "NVGogglesB_gry_F",2, "optic_Aco",1, "optic_Aco_smg",1, "optic_Hamr",1, "optic_SOS",1, "optic_Holosight",1, "optic_NVS",1, "optic_tws",1, "optic_tws_mg",1, "optic_MRD",1, "optic_DMS",1, "optic_LRPS",1, "optic_AMS",1, "optic_AMS_khk",1, "optic_AMS_snd",1 }; uniforms[] = { "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam",3, "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt",4, "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_vest",4, "U_B_CTRG_1","U_B_CTRG_3",4, "U_B_CTRG_2","U_B_HeliPilotCoveralls",4, "U_B_PilotCoveralls",4, "U_B_GhillieSuit",4, "U_B_FullGhillie_ard",4, "U_B_FullGhillie_lsh",4, "U_B_FullGhillie_sard",4, "U_B_Wetsuit",4, "U_B_T_Soldier_F",4, "U_B_T_Soldier_AR_F",4, "U_B_T_Soldier_SL_F",4, "U_B_T_Sniper_F",4, "U_B_T_FullGhillie_tna_F",4, "U_B_CTRG_Soldier_F",4, "U_B_CTRG_Soldier_2_F",4, "U_B_CTRG_Soldier_3_F",4, "U_C_Poloshirt_salmon",1 }; }; As you can tell he uses a vast amount of different numbers, 2, 3, 10, 0.5 and I have no idea how to figure out how to convert that into percentages in my head. What number does it go up to? From what I understood BIS_fnc_selectRandomWeighted goes to 1, right? So surely anything above 1 - like 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 shouldn't make a difference or am I wrong? I really need help because I feel like I can't make the loot pool balanced without understanding how much of an impact the weight will have. I also suck at maths to the point where I am pretty embarrassed about it.