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    Why can we not have sunshine on any encounter maps? My least concern is snipers and more sweats that abuse zig zagging to close range kill: I never get a sunshine map anymore.
  2. Respectfully, Why are these lobbies constantly so foggy and cloudy? Did the devs turn that slider up to like 90%? It's getting fairly old to play every night and 90% of matches are dark, monsoon, rainy, etc. Also, at first I thought I liked the new challenge system. Now I realize we never get resource crates (maybe potentially 1 resource crate out of the three daily challenges, if that) and that only punishes the newer/non sweaty players. The maxed out shelter guys already have no incentive to loot and are flying around the map/zig zagging just because all they do is bring in a gun and a whole loadout of ammo which essentially has no weight. Can these be balanced a bit?