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    Korengal valley map

    Thx @RoF solved. I have some difficulty to set the clutter in the map because I'm not clear how to define the code from what I understand there are 4 important items that must be set: 1- the layer file, it defines where we want the vegetation to appear. 2-class CfgSurfaceCharacters : we decide what kind of plants to put and with what probability. 3-CfgSurfaces: it is not clear to me, is it only used to define the sounds and the aspect of the vegetation? 4-Clutter: where is the file of the vegetation inserted in the CfgSurfaceCharacters . Are all my assumptions correct? Is there an explanatory video tutorial? thanks to whoever wants to help me. greetings
  2. 1BSM Jollyroger

    Korengal valley map

    Good evening guys i still need your help, correcting the map i must have touched something in the manager libraries, now when i load buldozzer it gives me the error cannot load texture ca/plant/data/jablon_3_ca.paa I tried reloading the ca/plant library in the objects but nothing changes. Honestly I'm out of ideas. Can you help me pls? many thanks
  3. 1BSM Jollyroger

    Korengal valley map

    Hi Rof, thanks for the reply, I've exported the objects, I've deleted the duplicates, but when I import them they add up to the ones already in the map. where am I wrong?
  4. 1BSM Jollyroger

    Korengal valley map

    Morning, I am the autor of the Korengal map which you can find the link below. Map I have a couple of questions for you. 1- inserting vegetation via clutter what incidence in performance level compared to putting it manually? Is there a difference? 2- I noticed that the map in game has some colors that do not satisfy me, they are too light, is there a way to darken them via script, or you have to act on the satellite image in Photoshop? 3- By inserting objects mainly in manual I have several duplicate objects or objects that do not adhere to the ground. Using the terrain builder tool "Run object diagnostics" makes me edit one object at a time, is there a faster way to debug the objects? Thanks in advance to those who will want to answer me best regards