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  1. Thank you so much. That worked beautifully and helped me finish a mission in my campaign. I did remove the addAction and just used the publicvariable as it was just activating a trigger and add this to init.sqf while {true} do { [] execVM "AirliftBodies.sqf"; sleep 1; }; I'm sure you know a better way to loop it but it is working so again much thanks.
  2. Thank you Harzach, the function is from the Savage Game Wiki and is supposed to check if the item is loaded in an inventory system that is used in the Prairie Fire CDLC https://wiki.sogpf.com/index.php/VN_fnc_log_isLoaded. I could be wrong about what the function is supposed to do as it still doesn't work but thank you for taking the time to explain what was wrong instead of just a fix.
  3. What I have is a heli on the ground with a hold wp and a trigger. Need to load body bags on the heli with SOG Prairie Fire advanced logistics module but I can't figure out how to check the heli for the bags before it adds the addAction this is what i have. [Bbag_1,Bbag_2,Bbag_3,Bbag_4,Bbag_5,Bbag_6,] call VN_fnc_log_isLoaded; if (true) then { Minuteman2 addAction ["<t color=""#33CCFF"">Air-Lift Bodies</t>",{hint "Bodies Recovered!", AirLiftBox=true;publicvariable "AirLiftBox";},nil,1.5,true,true,"","true",5, false,""]; } Thanks in advance for any help 🙂
  4. Is there a way to link the S.O.G P.F. gesture wheel hand signals to ai move controls?