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  1. NotMyActualName

    Smoke grenade tripwire trap

    Ok, sorry .... I am new to this forum. I don't intend to publish the mission that has this in it, it is just for personal use. But if I ever do, I will credit him.
  2. NotMyActualName

    Smoke grenade tripwire trap

    Thanks! That works fine!
  3. NotMyActualName

    Smoke grenade tripwire trap

    For some reason that code does not work. It gives me an error (missing "{" ). EDIT: Nvermind, I figured it out: The last } was not needed.
  4. Is it possible to set up a "smoke grenade trap" in the editor? So basically like a "tripwire" that when anybody (or anything like a vehicle) passes it activates a smoke grenade. I already looked around in the editor but the only thing I found was the normal APERS tripwire mine. I know that you can activate stuff when someone passes through a trigger. Maybe that would be the way to do this? Is there a way to "activate" a smoke grenade that is placed with the editor from the "OnActivation" script field of the trigger? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Nevermind ... I once had problems with "player placed objects dissapearing" in a custom made mission, so I thought I'd ask here but I just did some testing again and now it seems to work for some reason. (Assembled a MK6 mortar, moved a few hundret meters away, went back, it was stil there. Same with a MK30 HMG) So it seems that it was just something wrong with that mission. (It was one of the first missions I ever made, so maybe I changed something by accident)
  6. Is there a way to make the garbage collector ignore all objects that are placed by the player (HMGs, mortars, ...). I know that you can make the garbage collector ignore a specific object (for example if you want to place a dead body), but is there a way to make it ignore everything that the player placed?
  7. NotMyActualName

    MK6 Mortar disappears

    It still makes no sense to me. The "garbage collector" only seems to care about wrecks and corpses. And the mortar is neither one of those. Is there a way to exclude "objects placed by the player during the game" (static weapons like mortars, HMGs, ...) from garbage collection?
  8. NotMyActualName

    MK6 Mortar disappears

    Thanks, I will have a look at that.
  9. NotMyActualName

    MK6 Mortar disappears

    I don't think so. I made the scenario myself and I did not add any scripts like that.
  10. NotMyActualName

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Is there a portable, reloadable, guided ("fire and forget") launcher that can be used as AT and AA? I already had a look at the ARMA wiki and there does not seem to be a weapon like this in the game. Maybe somebody knows of a mod that adds such a weapon to the game? I know that the requirements for AT and AA missiles are very different, they are pretty much the opposites of each other. AA missiles need to be fast, (=light), armour penetration does not really matter. AT missiles need to get through armour, their speed does not really matter, tanks don't move fast anyway. Thus it is impossible to make a weapon that is perfect for both. So a "multipurpose" missile like this would most likely be a AA missile that can also "lock on" to ground vehicles. And it would take a few hits to actually destroy an armoured target. Why? Something like this would be very useful for "infiltration" scenarios where a small team (or a single person) goes behind enemy lines and disrupts anything that might be going on there. Because then only one person would need to carry a launcher (and the ammo for it!).
  11. What I am trying to do: A helicopter should lift a small vehicle (with the "sling load" function), then follow some "MOVE" waypoints and then unload the vehicle. Lifting the vehicle with the sling load works fine, but after lifting it the helicopter just hovers there and does not move on to the next waypoint. I used the "LIFT CARGO" waypoint type (and dragged the waypoint on the vehicle), then after that there are some "MOVE" waypoints. Am I missing something? Or does this require some sort of scripting?
  12. NotMyActualName

    MK6 Mortar disappears

    I transported a disassembled MK6 mortar from one location to another. Then I assembled it and used it. I moved a few hundret meters away from the spot where I placed it and when I returned after about ten minutes it was gone. Is this "normal"? And if so, how can I prevent this from happening? If it matters: This happened in a custom made singleplayer scenario. The MK6 was placed into the world in the disassembled state (the two "backpacks").
  13. NotMyActualName

    Drone waypoints questions

    Nevermind, I figured the "land at position" thing out. I placed an invisible "helipad marker" and made a "land" waypoint. Then I dragged the waypoint on the helipad marker. And it works!
  14. I am currently trying to make a drone (AL-6 Pelican) follow some waypoints and then land at a waypoint. The "following the MOVE waypoints" kind of works, the drone follows the path, but it does not move to the altitude of the waypoints (I have them set about 50m above the landscape / water). First I just tried to use a "MOVE" waypoint and set it directly on the ground. This did not work, the drone just hovered in the air above it (like I said, it does not move to the altitude of the waypoints). Then I tried the "land" waypoint, that did not work either, it just started flying back to where it started. So, how can I make a drone land at a certain point?
  15. Oh, ok, I just tried that and it works! I guess it "worked fine before" because I still had the "place vehicle with crew" - flag turned on and at some point I turned it off (because I was placing some empty vehicles). I just thought that an UAV doesn't have an actual "pilot", so I wouldn't need that. I guess I was wrong ... Looks like applying "common sense" isn't always the right thing to do.