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  1. Two things I’ll post here for the Devs. First: why in the bloody hell would you not count a kill that I get with Rad grenades? Everything else that I can use to cause damage counts as a kill. This needs to be rectified quickly. The amount of kills I have already stacked up with these awesome anti camper grenades are the best solution to a terrible problem, now make them count. the second issue is of course this non-exsistant noob buff. I have played this game since season 6 and have held the top for most of that time. I have been through all the seasons and updates, yet the noob buff keeps getting denied by devs and stronger in the game. We all had to struggle to learn the game and get better yet these new players now have access to really good guns from the start, they are bullet sponges and can kill with instant headshots or two or three bullets from any weapon. Either skill base the matches or get rid of this ridiculous buff. Catering to the new players will get more to play but only until the buff is no more. Make it equal and fair for all to play. It’s that simple. Don’t tell the community it doesn’t exhaust when we all can see it and complain about it. Just fix your profit generating noob buff and let them learn to love the game through earning the kills and getting better.
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    No Love for Veteran players

    Lol oh shadow you and pp just don’t stop do you. It’s a well known fact that both you and pp use every mod you can find that works on vigor. And, that PP believes it was me who got him banned so you two will stop at nothing to try and get at me. It’s also a well known fact that you both stream snipe and have collected more of my gold crates and loot then any 1 other player in this game. So you could say that you are the ones using the crown glitch. Anybody that boosts lobbies you two will Q snipe or stream snipe. Comments like this on every forum I post too, from both of you. Maybe check your confirmed facts lol
  3. I’m going to try to get some response from the devs here because the streams are a joke at this point. I am l_SYLENT_l and I have played Vigor since season 6 or the launch on PSN. I have, up until recently played the most encounters and was a top 10 player in all rankings. I stream vigor on Twitch and create YouTube videos of vigor. I have spent a large sum of money buying packs and put in the most amount of hours played on this game. Why is any of this relevant? Because I represent us Veteran players and my playing history shows that. We (veteran players) are sick of being forgotten. What have you done to keep an active player base? Rhetorical question. You have directed your focus on getting more new players and expanding your platform. Which is great however; you have done and continue to do so at the cost of the ones who have and do promote your game. What does a player get when they reach the top level? the ability to instantly craft consumables. That’s it… there is nothing else. Which would be ok if the was some sort of perk for getting to that level. You need to give and show love for those of us who have helped build vigor. You don’t seem to listen to what we have to say, and we are sick of it. One by one we fall. Coolio, New Beat, myself. We left your game because of this. it’s time you listen to us, respect us. I have over and over asked about the new player buff on your live stream. I have asked so many questions relevant to improving this game and have only ever received one response. And I quote “for the love of God, for the last time there is no such thing” “if it did players would just be making new accounts”. I still laugh about it everyday. Do you notlook at who is playing your game. I know that almost every top player in the game has at least one Smurf account if not multiples. Why? Because of a few things and this is the point of my long winded rant. 1: Noobs take so much more damage than say mid level players and up. 2: Noobs are pulling off some of the most amazing headshots ever seen. This is a major reason so many are fed up with vigor. The aim assist is off the charts for them at least until they have the first 100 kills or encounters not sure which at this point. 3: There is no reason to grind this game out. With equal rewards for beginners and veterans, why grind when you get it all at the start. We need more. Give some sort of reason to want to play your game. Maybe a pack that comes with getting a gold tier title. Or for being in the top 10 a badge. Something for being the first in the world on PSN to get the 10k traveler badge 😉 Give us something to improve our crafting time on weapons. Make the damn playing field equal. There is a new player buff and it is driving the community nuts. And last but certainly not the least. Talk with those of us that stream, or play long hours, or spend a lot of money on crowns. Listen when the guy who has played more vigor than anyone else tells you that something is wrong. Say for instance getting shot through large amounts of ground(mountains) , and cover. Would be a good start. Fixing the kill box while going prone. Reloading and getting 0 bullets in your mag. You know the real issues with the game. Not the exit campers, or bushwookies, or the guy that has 10 ports. Needing weapons because people can’t figure out how to shoot. Reward those who can because they put in the time to figure it out. I await some sort of change or response because you have a good game if you care to fix the real issues. SYLENT first to 10k ?