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  1. Nightcrawler67

    General Discussion (Western Sahara RC Branch)

    corporal_lib[br] - YOU MY FRIEND ARE A GENIOUS! Thank you very much, its been a while since I last played ARMA3, So I forgot where I left off at.
  2. Nightcrawler67

    General Discussion (Western Sahara RC Branch)

    I can see it in the DLC tab, then I check the box, move it to the top, launch the game but that's it. I click on Single Player Campaign, and there is nothing related to it in there. I am missing something. I can see it listed on the bottom when the game is launched, I click on that and it only shows me information about it. Nit sure whats wrong or missing. Anyone give me a step by step and what I should be seeing? I even unloaded all mods and put that one back to the top in DLC tab
  3. Nightcrawler67

    General Discussion (Western Sahara RC Branch)

    Maybe its me, but I just bought Western Sahara through Steam and I do not see it in my MODS when I launch the game. Any suggestions? Or should I move over to tech support help for MODS? Any help would be greatly apricated