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  1. Doesn't fix it, sorry 😕 Here are some pictures to show what's up https://ibb.co/pjKwr3J https://ibb.co/tw6WdjF https://ibb.co/nCq3C66 And like i said, it's only when i launch everything with arma sync that its broken like this
  2. Hi, whenever I launch Arma with CBA through Arma sync I get a "Addon CBA_COMMON requires addon 'A3_Data_F_Aow_Loadorder'. And my Arma 3 game is completely fucked, resolutions are broken, arsenal doesnt work at all, allot of broken stuff. I don't have any problem when i launch CBA through the vanilla arma 3 launcher I don't have any problems. Any idea why? I reinstalled CBA & arma sync.