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    Let Us Cut Crossplay Off

    Like the title says, we NEED this option. You are killing your Switch player base by refusing to give us this option and forcing us to play against a community with undeniable advantages simply due to hardware differences. Advantages that Switch players simply CAN NOT overcome. Wither give us the option to cut it off, cut it off entirely, or just shut the servers down. Almost all Switch players commenting on this issue have stated they don't care about longer times as long as they have a fair match. Listen to your players.
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    disable crossplay

  3. RheinmetalK

    disable crossplay

    It's been long enough and Switch players still mainly get matched with Xbox. The only time you have mainly Switch lobbies is when you're new and just starting. Then you hit a hidden threshold and start getting placed in mainly Xbox filled lobbies with people using scoped weapons and with hundreds or thousands of kills, and with the graphical differences Xbox has a HUGE advantage. You guys NEED to either let us cut off crossplay, or remove it entirely.