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  1. ok boys, got it figured out... Didn't sync the trigger to the event, and that's why I couldn't call it in. Ok next question, now that I've created the mission... how do you call it up to play it online with friends. I clicked host server but there's no option to call up the map that I created. Even though I saved it. Do you have to play it from the editor by clicking play multiplayer at the top? Thx for all your help. you guys are the best. 🙂
  2. I'm trying to make custom missions, but I can't equip a radio to any of my operators. So When I set a trigger for CAS, I have no way to call it in. What am I doing wrong? Edit - If I check my inventory, it says I have a short range radio. So Im assuming I need a long range radio to call in CAS, but theres no option to select one in the editor. Also, I can't seem to pull up my short range radio. can that only be done in multiplayer? Sorry, Im a total newb to this.
  3. got it figured out! TY so much everyone for your help! Cheers!!
  4. I was using the warthog, didn't see anything about having an ability to turn the radar on and off. Perhaps I missed something? Is there a specific key designated to turn it off and on?
  5. Trying to play the scenario to learn fixed wing aircraft. When I enable my falchion 22 AA missiles, I get NO diamond in my hud to target the chopper. How do I get it to appear?