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  1. Since the last update, repairing an red backpackt needs one hour. Why? What ist so complicated in this item to need so many time? And with no improvment in durability... repairing an green army backpackt needs one hour. Why? repairing a gas mask is also too long now. same with Hammer and Fire Axe. One hour? Therefor lowering repair time in the guns doesn't really make sens too. Only 2 hours for Shotgun? Why is a Gorka Helmet now heavier than the Medieval Helmet? I think the repair balancing in Version 1.0 was much better. What i understand is, that you need more components for repairing an item the more it is damaged. Check. And there is only ammo an useless materials in the orange boxes atm. Did about almost 100 runs at the airport and evacuation site and i only found 9mm, 45acp, 7.62. Exct the ammo i already have 999. WOW The only item i find X times is the western armor in in the evac zone. And some pistols... 😕