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  1. So I did it 😁! The fallowing script was -of course- not only written by me. It is a composition of many different .sqf files I found, done by different authors. I changed it for my purpose and added some lines of code here and there. It is very likely by no means perfect but it works. What does it do? - a car/heli chase -car can be stopped by a hit anywhere (smoke will come out the engine) -> the player(s) sit in the heli and shoot the car during the chase sequence -heli will land when car is stopped (create invisible helipad with the heli "LAND") -crew of vehicle will disembark when player is near and attack the player (that was a pain to achieve. Enemies will always look for the Heli due to target priority "AIR") -there is also a eventHandler on the vehicle, so the players can search for a laptop wich will be created after 5 seconds of searching Known issues - the heli has to be disableDamage because otherwise it will sometimes land and explode -the heli does not fly how it should! Even if it is told by the code to fly on the right of the vehicle it does not do so. During the chase you will get opportunities to fire on the car, but it is -unfortunately- not like that for the whole sequence . May be someone here knows how to optimize that 😊. Code You need three .sqf files. Name them what ever seems fitting to you. 1 2 3 So you got this. What do you need besides? In the init of the car you need this disableAI "MOVE"; this allowCrewInImmobile true; and ofcourse you need to add a Waypoint (MOVE, Careless) to the car. You need Triggers. 1st Trigger should eneblaAI "MOVE" the car 2nd Trigger execVM "beginChase.sqf"; execVM "chaseFinal.sqf"; Thats it. And once again: If somebody has an idea how to optimize, how to get the chasing heli to fly besides the chased car or anything else, please let me know. Cheers.
  2. Hi JohnKalo, I will try what that out. I set the waypointBehaviour to "AWARE" but made them stay inside the vehicle with >> _vehicle allowCrewInImmobile true;<<. I set the speed to normal so the vehicle uses roads and it works like a charm. If I get the whole thing to work as intended, I will post here how I did it and explain what I did in detail. Cheers
  3. Hi there, first : Happy new Year to all of you. I made good progress with my coding skills but ran into a problem I just can't solve on my own. May be some of you had this problem before and know an easy answer. I made a mission in wich a car / heli chase is prevalent. Player is in heli and has to shot the cars engine with a .50 cal. Everything fine. The car stops smoke comes out of the engine and the enemy Troop (6 units) disembark. I also wrote a code for the so they would leaveVehicle only if player is near the vehicle. This also works flawlessly. But the problem is: The disembarked AI wont attack the player. No matter what I try, they just dont or do so with massive delay. It feels just so unrealisitc. I tried deleting the MOVE waypoint and add a "SAD" waypoint on player, tried to force the enemy group to supress player. I just want them to attack the player as soon as they leave the vehicle. May be some code helps to clarify: Start of the heli chase sequence beginHeliChase.sqf chaseFinal.sqf HeliLanding.sqf Cheers SEKO
  4. Hello folks, I ran into another scripting-wall and can't figure it out or find any fitting information on the wiki. I am scripting a hostage rescue scenario in wich the players mission is to "clear" a buildung and capture or kill any Tangos while rescuing as many hostages as they can. I thought that a smart way to get started with this would be (once againt) an EventHandler in the init.sqf file that fires when a Tango gets killed. I have 25 enemies in the building and placed them in an Array to keep my codelines short. Now I want the EH to check if the killed nps is in this Array...and it just won*t work. So my Code looks like this this addEventHandler ["Killed", {hint "test 1 2 3";} ]; forEach in _myArray; Cheers SEKO
  5. Thank you again, it worked 😊. I also found some way of workaround for the "airwalk" animation. IN POLPOXs Artwork supporter MOD the animation is the same but without the NPC hovering over the ground. To give something back to this forum here is the Code i use for my Checkpoint. the script gets activated by a trigger.
  6. Thank you perremgi! I will do so. You even told me the right Animation name. But just for the record: Is there a possibility to "trigger" a waypoint/animation etc by the end of another animation ? cheers EDIT: the animation makes the npc walk in the air. Is there a way to make him stay on ground level?
  7. Hi, I am pretty late to the ARMA3 game but I absolutely fell in love with the endless opportunities and the rather realistic approach of this game. So I started scripting a few weeks ago and tried to gain as much knowledge as possible (for the most part from this site/forum and youtube). But I ran into a problem wich I cannot solve by myself or just with Google-Fu ;). You guys already helped me more than you know so far! So I hope it is not an absolute newbie question...Enuogh of the Prelude. What am I trying to do? I am designing a MP Mission in wich the players (4) are incognito in an hotel. They get up before sunrise and take a bus (yeah, really). Everything is fine here, I worked with markers and made a _path script. So the bus gets to an checkpoint of OPFOR. The bus drives into the checkpoint and stops (that was a hard one but i did it :)...driving AI is not good...). The Commander of said CP comes forward and a few animations later he orders his men to check the bus. I want two OPFOR soldiers to patrole araound the bus and then signal their commander that erverything is ok (thumbs up). The commander then steps back and lets the bus through. What is my problem? I dont know how i can start the animation of the two OPFOR Soldiers checking the bus. I tried addEventHandler "AnimDone" but I am not sure if that is the right approach to this. Triggers in Eden are also not fitting because the Commander is ordering the soldiers AFTER he moved. So to sum it up: Is it possible to let one Animation of NPCA begin if the Animation of NPCB is done? I am sure there must be something I am missing..i just hope it is not that obvious ;). Kind regards, SEKO