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  1. shaqbadus

    Work Jacket Color

    Hello all! I've found a few people in Encounters now wearing a work jacket I haven't seen before and was wondering if it's a limited time one, or just one not listed with the default jackets available. The one I've seen is a forest green work jacket, with a faded red / orange hoodie underneath and blue overalls. Is this one I could potentially purchase with crowns, or is it one of the limited edition clothing sets that were available for a short time? Thanks!
  2. Thank you. I have also had a few issues with Encounters where my first round will be a loading screen, or my game will crash while playing and I won't be awarded any XP. I will send those clips over as well!
  3. Two examples of bugs I'm experiencing. 1) Played Shootout today, initially spawned in with a weapon with no ammo. 2) I've collected all the Vinyls and wasn't awarded the title I've seen many other players using. I have visual evidence of both, is there somewhere I can send it?