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  1. Hello! Can someone explain me detailed - what is the difference between ARMA 3 stable build (out of box) and Profiling Branch? I tried Profiling Branch and seems it works really better - I have higher FPS in game even when hard modded.
  2. MikeTheRat

    Stuttering in multiplayer

    Hi guys! Sorry that the answer took so long. But anyways better late than never, as they say. I tried to reduce the heat, and I managed to do it using undervolting CPU and GPU, but it didn't help to solve this issue with stuttering. Temps went down but the issue was still there. So I was in extreme desperation and decided to start from scratch and reinstall the whole OS with more fresh version of Win10 Pro 20H2, applied all the latest OS updates and updated all the drivers. Except GPU drivers, because latest NVIDIA driver freezes my PC till hard reset while I am alt+tabbing from ARMA3 - I tried borderless screen, but it didn't help. I use version 461.40 (latest is currently 471.11) now and it works pretty fine. I'm happy to report that the game actually works fine now. I tested ARMA3 with heavy mod load for a couple weeks by now and seems the issue is gone. Hopefully forever. :) Thanks for taking a time to answer me! P.S. Temps are still the same btw. :) Regards.
  3. MikeTheRat

    Stuttering in multiplayer

    I'm in Russia and yes, it's pretty warm here recently. I made some more tests btw and I found this in OCCT monitoring: please see screenshot. It looks like GPU power is a little messed up, so it causes stuttering. Temps at the screenshot are ok, but after hour of playing, GPU hotspot temperature is somewhere in high 90's Celsius. I read some info about hotspots and many people reporting that hotspots temperatures are much higher than average GPU temperatures. And 97-100 C is "normal" for a such thing as GPU hotspot. Well, I'm not completely sure that they are right tho. 😬 One thing I know right: I need to repaste my CPU and GPU in a nearest future. Anyways, I considered to update EC (embedded controller) firmware for my laptop and looks like it helped a little with stuttering - it still happens, but a little easier. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time recently to test it out, so I will do it in a few days I guess. And of course I will post here results. Thanks!
  4. MikeTheRat

    Stuttering in multiplayer

    Yes, tried with/without that. SSD is two years old.
  5. MikeTheRat

    Stuttering in multiplayer

    Thanks! Please see post above - it happened in Single Player missions too, so I guess it's a whole game issue. Also I tried vanilla King of the Hill server without any mods - I have same issue with stuttering on it. What moded servers I played? Well, I did all my tests on this one: Server name: CodeFourGaming - King of the Hill - RHS Inf No Towers EU #3 HC Address: Server version: 204147719 Required game version: 2.4.0 Map: Altis Mission: King of the Hill RHS by Sa-Matra (v14, Infantry) Server is running 4 RHS mods: United States Forces, Serbian Armed Forces, GREF, Armed forces of Russian Federation. I tried to host the game with same 4 mods on Altis (except the mission, I don't have this mission listed above). About .rpt - I ran the game, connected to server and as soon as the problem appeared I disconnected from server, shut down the game and here is link: https://jpst.it/2xuF7 Hope it will help. 🙂
  6. MikeTheRat

    Stuttering in multiplayer

    Well actually I did some tests today and it happens in single player campaign mission. Also I tried to go multiplayer servers that running vanilla - same stuttering as for modded.
  7. Hi! For the last week the game is stuttering on multiplayer servers (modded). It looks like this: I have solid 60 FPS (or more if I set "refresh" parameter to 144 in profile .cfg file) with VSync on and every 15-20 seconds my fps going down to 35 in a half of the second. It feels like a little freeze, but overall it is really devastating. In the single player or if I hosting the server by myself there are no lags or freezes (at least I didn't mentioned any). UPD. 06/17/2021 It happens in single player too, tested today. My specs: Win10 x64, i7-8750H, GTX 1070 8gb GDDR5, 16gb of DDR4 2666 MHz RAM. Also the game and all mods are installed on the same M.2 SSD. Also it's a MSI laptop. What I tried to do in last two days: 1. Messing with various video settings in game (on Low and Ultra video settings I have the same result with stuttering). 2. Tested different settings (and default too) in A3 launcher (CPU count, Hyper threading, Large page file size etc.), also tried all memory allocation options - no luck. 3. Checked the game files via Steam. 4. Completely reinstalled the game. 5. Checked the temps of CPU and GPU - 75C max (with Turbo Boost disabled). 6. Edited the .cfg file on Documents folder. 7. Disabled (and then enabled back) Hyper Threading in BIOS. 8. Updated all existing drivers. Also I was forced to roll back my GTX 1070 drivers because with last driver version after alt+tab my game just freezes and stop responding. 9. Did memory tests via Memtest86 - it's fine tho. 10. Did antivirus scan in case of miners or other malware stuff - it is clean. 11. Fixed all the errors in Registry and did a nice big cleaning of PC via CCleaner. 12. Set Power Settings to Max Performance. 13. Tested various Windows Page file size (also tried system allocated). 14. Created new Arma 3 profile - it helped a little, but stuttering still appearing once in a minute or two. Still no luck. I literally have no idea what I can do more. Any suggestions? P.S. All other games I play are working fine, no issues so far.