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  1. Skip McCormick

    Blackfish and loiter

    Hello, Sorry for the repost but i have a related question: I noticed it's possible to do so in editor but can we do so with zeus ? Is there an attribute or something we can execute in command ? Cause it seems there is a default direction and i don't know how to switch it in Zeus. Thanks
  2. Skip McCormick

    Moving units on top of buildings

    Script that sort highest position in a building. (Sharing the help i had) private _pos = [_building buildingPos -1, [], {_x#2}, "DESCEND"] call BIS_fnc_sortBy; private _units = units _grp; _units joinSilent _grp; doStop _units; sleep 0.001; { if (count _pos <= _forEachIndex) exitWith {}; //no more room in building _x moveTo _pos#_forEachIndex; } forEach _units; Note that the code has to be scheduled. Also it breaks waypoints. To make waypoints work again you'll have to do: _units joinSilent _grp; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FCyBRlP-h8
  3. Skip McCormick

    Deleting Vehicle Crew

    Yes indeed, vehicleVarName was the thing that I did not understood properly and that was the issue i was looking for. 🙂
  4. Skip McCormick

    Deleting Vehicle Crew

    Thanks for your answer too but you missed my point: "if I use a generic variable _unitName instead of heli1, it won't work " I also found interesting materials with FOR UNITS UnitsEraser = allUnits inAreaArray tigre; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach UnitsEraser; FOR VEHICLES VehiclesEraser = vehicles inAreaArray tigre; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach VehiclesEraser; FOR DEAD BODIES CorpseEraser = allDead inAreaArray tigre; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach CorpseEraser; https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/17/135510194253178544/
  5. Skip McCormick

    Deleting Vehicle Crew

    In fact, i just used vehicle instead of vehicleVarName since the expected type is an object and not a string. And it seems to work in a repeatable trigger. I made that clear with typeName https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/typeName. However, you'll probably tell me there is a reason for not doing this way: _leavingUnit = vehicle (thisList select 0); {deleteVehicle _x;}forEach crew _leavingUnit; deleteVehicle _leavingUnit; And this seems to work as well probably better with: blahblah = TRUE; {_veh = _x; {_veh deleteVehicleCrew _x} forEach crew _veh; deleteVehicle _veh} count thisList But i dont get this rearming code, why && isNil "blahblah" ? 😐 this && isNil "blahblah" PS: Okay i just saw your edited notes ! Thank you very much for your implication 🙂 Keeps up the motivation to learn
  6. Skip McCormick

    Deleting Vehicle Crew

    I'm trying to use that code for any unit going in the trigger but if I use a generic variable _unitName instead of heli1, it won't work even if i have the same value returned by the hint... unitName = vehicleVarName (thisList select 0); hint _unitName; // return "heli1" {deleteVehicle _x;}forEach crew heli1; deleteVehicle heli1; Any explanation of this ? range of variables issue ? Type of variable ? Thanks 😢