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    Vigor Game Suggestions

    Heres some suggestions: make knifes 1 shot backstab and 2 shot front since atm knifes are useless and just scrap parts (its incredibly hard to get knife kills) oh and great! 10 different type of knives and i wont use a single one. Thanks vigor. anyways with my knife rant out of the way, -theres a glitch that sometimes happens that says “couldnt connect to cloud” and kicks us out of matchmaking just before it lets us into the option to see the other players. and when i say “kick out” i mean all the way to the loading screen you see when you open the game. Its a very common glitch also (i use NE servers btw) -please make scopes an attachment like irl. -bigger backpacks that are equiptable, and look cool but bigger the more they can get (so its easy to see somone with max level backpack crawling) -mini-bosses that drop a epic/legendary gun when killed but draws attention of everyone in map coz they hear shooting and mini-bosses could make a certain gunshot sound. -more locations that are more fun to and worth to loot but challenging because of its size and them being a hotspot for players (example: bunker with 3-10 floors and you have to visit each floor and at the bottom is like a legendary crate but can be camped easily so super risky or a mansion that is like a normal house (above ground) but has a basement, 2nd floor and is massive with very good crates but not to many crates to ballance you know. more example locations: nuclear plant, farm/farmhouse, lab, (anything thats as exciting to run to as cargo/crate but is guarantee) -maybe armor so you cant get 1 shot in head and id still be realistic -high stakes tourments that are big win, small buy-in that cost crowns to get in and the only way to escape is to kill all other outlanders but if you do you get the total crowns from everyones buy-ins example: 10 people spend 100 crowns on buy-in and winner gets 1000 crowns. -please re-add random duos and maybe add random squads/trios. -make it so when you pay for a booster you have to hold A to buy instead of 2 taps -visit other peoples islands -custom building instead of locked onto certain path building (you can move stuff around using grid system) trading (minimum level and has to be balanced deal) sidenote: just saying high stakes is addictive to teens becuase teens get a kick out of risks so that should make everyone really pumped and it would become a huge deal and also risk if you could earn crowns that way (but also loose them!) just thinking about it makes me excited so please add it! -hire people or do it yourself to make more search results a thing. You want your game to look big to noobs and the best way to do that is for them to always get a answer to search results of vigor. Like legit whenever i look something up about vigor 99% of the time i cant get an answer and if i do its from reddit. It makes me think vigor is a game that consists of only 20-100 players so yall should really manage that. anyways if those suggestions seem outlandish (see what i did there) its just because my expectations are you wont do any of the stuff i say and ignore me. Maybe adding the search results but forgetting everything else coz “its to much work” and “you have barely any devs” or “you already have plans” and “it would make servers lag. We already have a problem with that” or lastly “your already working on grenades” but consider it OK? If not 10.0 maybe plan it for like 13.0-15.0? Just a thought haha please. 😅