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  1. Jonthecool

    Armed Assault - Horsepower Hog?

    sounds good!
  2. Jonthecool

    Discord Unban Appeal

    Thank you for the info i will try! It is just akward being falsely banned on day 1 of the discord.
  3. Jonthecool

    Discord Unban Appeal

    the arma discord server
  4. Jonthecool

    Discord Unban Appeal

    I apologize for sending it here I have no idea where to go. If you could tell me where to appeal then that would make my day.
  5. Jonthecool

    Discord Unban Appeal

    Username: Jonthecool#7595 ID: 255810284021612545 Ban reason: Spam reason for urban: So i put a spotify link for a song when i was meant to put a spotify party then i put the party thingy and that was it. A few hours later i got a message for being banned for spam. I apologize for putting that spotify party link and i didn't know it was against the rules I would also like to inform i got no former warning nor message just a straight ban If i get denied can i please have clarification to the ban