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    Blackscreen on launch, have to force close

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I’ll look in to my CPU temps and see about borrowing a known good monitor and graphics card from a coworker.
  2. I successfully downloaded and played for 5 hours this week, but now when i try to play, the launcher successfully opens, but when launched the game causes a black screen condition that i believe shuts down my monitor as it doesnt react to any other input. My graphics card is working properly and i have validated/verified the game files. There is no audio present during this condition and the only way i am able to get out of it so far is to either restart my computer manually or spam ctrl alt del or f4 while unplugging and replugging th emonitor. all other games launch and run fine through steam and other launchers. Monitor is a couple year old mid grade MSI and graphics card is a GTX 1070. I'm not very computer savvy and have only had this PC a couple of months. It ran flawlessly the first day i downloaded it and hasnt worked since. I haven't been able to get help anywhere including the arma subreddit. Any ideas are much appreciated