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  1. Years ago (5+, probably before Arma 3) I used to play this game mode and absolutely loved it. Just remember that when I try to describe the game mode below, I was 14/15 years old when I played it so my memory is a little faded. It was Players Vs. AI. The AI took over towns throughout the map and you had to regain control of the town(s) that had a red circle over it. Sometimes there were AI convoys heading to a town that they don't have control of and you could stop them with an ambush. People who flew jets could bomb towns before players moved in, or even fight enemy helicopters and jets. For players, there were many squads and you could choose what you wanted like "medic" or "marksmen" or "pilot". This was back when TeamSpeak 2 was kinda popular and TeamSpeak 3 was just launching. I just wish someone could help me identify what game mode that was. If you know what I am talking about please PLEASE let me know. I can only describe it and its killing me not knowing what this game mode is. Thank you in advance if you help. https://19216881.org https://1921681001.link/ https://19216801.digital/